Google Expands AI Capabilities On Gmail With Innovative ‘Draft Email With Voice’ Feature

AI is coming to Gmail in a new and improved manner as search engine giant Google looks to further expand its AI capabilities through its products.

The company mentioned how the latest feature to take center stage for Gmail is a ‘draft email with voice’ endeavor that was first sighted in its beta version by TheSpAndroid recently. They claim the feature enables users to make verbal prompts across the app’s AI and ensures it’s easier for them to draft emails.

This email already has a Help Me To Write feature which makes use of the technology to make suggestions about text used for drafting the email, depending on what prompts come forward.

As per a recently launched feature on Gmail, users would get the chance to see microphone buttons when they roll out new emails or generate replies through the Gmail application.

When you click on it, it rolls out voice interfaces and that means users can have short prompts recorded by simply explaining everything they wish to see in the email’s body. For instance, you might generate a prompt that asks the system to better describe your thoughts or demands. This might be related to scheduling a workplace meeting with a fellow client at a specific date or time on the platform.

After the recording is done, you click on Create which makes use of AI technology as well as natural language to understand prompts and produce drafts for the email in question. You will also see customized email features like the subject heading, receiver, and body featuring all the key details you want to talk about.

You can further edit drafts as required before sending them off. And if the user exits the interface of voice, you’ll see a button pop up in the composition for the email screen and enable easy access toward getting exactly what you need through a simple click.
Such experiments were in the latest version so that means we just might be seeing it launch very soon. So by the looks of it, the Android maker wants to test functionality and the capabilities that AI has through a limited rollout first and then a bigger one after that. But you have to note how the search engine giant is yet to announce through official means any clues regarding the Voice AI drafting endeavor.

To make the most of the feature, users must sign up for the ordeal through the Workspace Labs of Google. And after recently joining, it might take a while before such a feature pops up on mobile devices. If you missed that, don’t worry. The company’s AI assistant for writing is present on Google Docs.

In other news, the company also just rolled out a new native translation feature that’s all set to get support for the Gmail mobile application. It would allocate work locations for certain times throughout the day.

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