Apple Rolls Out Much Anticipated iOS 17.3 With Exciting Safeguards In Place

Tech giant Apple has just launched iOS 17.3 for both iPhones and iPads, just a month since we heard about iOS 17.2 entering the market.

This happens to be a new and modest refresh and therefore you cannot expect there to be any drastic changes arising center stage. But there is a new feature including Stolen Device Protection that is used to keep thieves away from attaining access to personal data.

The rollout was first generated through the beta for iOS 17.3 and it’s quite handy when you come to think of it. In case there’s a person who steals the device, since you’re updated to the latest iOS version, you can simply prevent any hackers from attaining access to the phone by enabling Face ID protection or one done through Touch ID.

Even if they have the right passcode in place, it would still work to disable them from getting control as they won’t add biometrics and enable lock-out features.

This particular software ensures an automated mandate featuring a security delay of one hour before you alter the passcode in cases when it’s not recognized or you’re requesting the feature from an unidentified location.

Stolen Device Protection will not prevent thieves from doing what they feel like but it would make it so much harder. The great thing is how it’s up for grabs on the latest iOS for both iPhones and iPad series.

This update also enables a whole list of collaborative playlists to the Apple Music scene while enabling fun features like AirPlay Hotel and even support through optimized crash detection. Some new and exciting wallpapers would also roll out to mark Black History Month. We agree that it’s not one of the most outstanding updates, not to mention how iOS 17.3 was released less than 30 days after we saw the rollout of iOS 17.2.

But users need to remember how it follows the same guidelines as iOS 17 releases that we’ve seen arise over time. From iPhone Xs to Xs Max and iPhone XR too, even iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 would work to include it.

Both second and third-generation models would also be a part of the list. When it comes down to the update on iPads, it’s eligible for a long list of models. You just need to be aware of the system’s settings to ensure you’re a part of the eligibility list for downloads available.

But that’s not all we have to say about the leading iPhone maker. It’s celebrating another great launch in terms of operating systems. It just rolled out watchOS 10.3 and another watch face. Other than that, we’ve got macOS Sonoma 14.3, and that brings forward a whole list of exciting and collaborative playlists toward Apple Music.

So yes, plenty of things going on for Apple and that’s clear how keen they are to have a busy start to 2024.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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