The Most Useful Tech Product For 2024 Enables You To File Taxes For Free And It Comes From An Unusual Source

If there’s one task that most of us dread taking part in, it’s probably filing taxes.

It’s a task that must be done and that means having a great number of meetings with tax consultants, not to mention the stress of added costs related to the ordeal. But what if we told you that the world of tech just might be changing that.

Coming from an unusual source that not a lot of us would ever anticipate, you can say hello to one of the best inventions from 2024 - it’s a tax filer that’s free of cost.

The news comes from one of Meta’s leading product managers Dan Grover who was the first to bring the matter to people’s attention. He says such a service is already getting hype and could be in line with the mega Apple’s Goggles launch and success seen with OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool.

It’s a big deal and we can understand why but to make such big claims and not relate to them has people talking. So what exactly is this tool all about and how can we normal users make the most of the tech rollout?

This offering is one of the best and most important endeavors for 2024. It does not require AI data centers or any kind of legal data-siphoning to function accurately. In the same way, it won’t require you to install any application or pay a staggering 30% of funds as tax at the App Store so the iPhone maker can benefit. Similarly, no one in Silicon Valley would get rich with the offering either.

It will not assist bigger tech giants from making the most of the tech platform and there would be no IPOs to worry about either. But what we could see take center stage is the urge to help millions.

Direct File is the name of the product and American Citizens could file tax returns without any kind of hidden costs attached. It’s now rolling out as a pilot program, just in time for the peak tax season. This would be rolled out in January only.

Today, stats prove how Americans who earn a yearly figure of $79k qualify to use the free source for tax filing. So when you come to think of it, a lot of American households will fall under this domain and therefore can use the innovative product for fees to file taxes.

For now, it’s up for grabs across 12 different American states including New York, Arizona, Texas, California, and also Florida. But a lot of others are keen on taking part and we can see why. Experts claim it’s for those having easy and simplified tax situations but millions can benefit through a lot of funds saved via Direct File.

What is even more intriguing is the story behind the feature. It proves how many companies take advantage of the whole limited tech ordeal and users’ limited know-how about how to file taxes more shortly and cheaply. For years, Google Search tricked a lot of people into generating payouts for taxes that they never needed to do in the first place.

The scandal we’re talking about is Intuit which happens to be a leading source of software design for preparing taxes. Intuit waged a long war to prevent American government bodies from forcing citizens to file taxes in a costly and complex manner.

And in case you did not know, filing taxes is cheap and easy around the globe but in the US, it’s the exact opposite. So that’s how the scandal paved the way for better alternatives so citizens could file taxes with simplicity.

While we agree it was a long time coming, considering how it was needed decades ago, it’s better late than never. Today, plenty of tools exist and we’re trying to grab a hold of web as well as cloud tools to ensure every service out there is super efficient. And that’s where this comes into play.

If you happen to live in the 12 states where it’s present and have a simple situation, we recommend making the best use of it. After all, it just makes you save a whole lot of funds, not to mention make your lives easier. But one word of advice, never trust Google to find the correct IRS website.

For those who might be interested, here is the link and yes, it’s for free. We recommend giving it a try and letting us know how easy and useful it proved for you. After all, what’s better than this, right? Here’s the link to use Direct File.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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