Google Bard All Set To Get Its Own Image Generator

Google Bard will finally attain its own personal image generator after getting both Slides and Search Generative Experience included as top features.

The news was first highlighted by Dylan Roussel on X who shared one unreleased changelog from the company that was dated today. It displayed how users can produce images through Bard like never before seen and we think that’s so innovative.

All you need to do is add a few words to bring your creativity to life and this means within seconds, the tool can download or generate more by simply selecting that option. This is going to be powered by the likes of the company’s Imagen family model.

Clearly, such projects are proof of going back to the future, and here is what you have to expect next and we mean tomorrow.

The first time we heard about the launch of Imagen 2 was in December and the images rolled out were of great quality. The fact that Android was giving users the chance to produce top-of-the-line images that were photorealistic and high resolution in nature means saying hello to esthetics of a whole new kind. This was designed to attract cases that were more enterprise in use like logo generation or those having text overlays.

Google Search also mentioned how a similar image generator was rolled out last year in October. If you do happen to be a part of the SGE endeavor, you can find more on this front by going to Simply click on Draw or Sketch prompts and that would be delivered directly to the field for Search.

In one go, the SGE will produce four pictures at a single time but there would be daily limits in terms of image generation along the way, the company did reveal.

Other discussions on this front had to do with the SGE not producing pictures that were harmful or misleading. This included those that were not explicit as well. Meanwhile, prompts with notable individuals or photorealistic faces would also be blocked.

Furthermore, Google says all pictures produced would have metadata labeling and plenty of watermarking that’s embedded into it and invisible.
The new image generator across Google Bard will be offering a list of similar features for safety in design. Just like Google Search, Bard is quite accessible to the masses. It makes sense as to why it is combining user-facing picture generation capabilities into its Google Slides as well as Google Meet in what it called Duet AI.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen/HumanEdited

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