Savvy Companies Will Not Use AI To Replace Workers Or Jobs, Top Stanford University Professor Explains

The fear that comes with the rise in AI has a lot to do with the likes of job security.

Experts have been talking about how many companies will soon be firing employees as they find it more beneficial to use AI in the workplace to get the job done quicker, better, and at a cheaper cost.

But as per new reports from one Stanford University professor, that should not be the case. And those that do end up following this approach will fail big time.

Erik Brynjolfsson mentioned at the World Economic Forum how the debate on the subject continues but he is so appalled by the thoughts people have about AI. According to him, the latter is a tool that can complement individuals instead of replacing them as a whole.

Photo: WEF

He explained how smart and savvy corporations would never use AI in combination with their employees as some tasks are done better by humans while others are more suitable for the likes of machines.

It could happen via augmentation so that means at the end of the day, you’re not replacing one whole task or one entire job as a whole. But what you do is make use of the tool to enhance it, referring to one study rolled out at a call center on this domain.

He added that studying AI in detail made researchers realize how the technology could be made use of to assist call center workers in doing a much better job and within a span of just three to four months, they were already on the means of being 14% more productive as they took more calls each hour.

They similarly had greater customer satisfaction and much less turnover of employees. As a whole, all the stakeholders involved benefited from introducing AI.

He further mentioned how the firm was more successful in adding AI in such a manner because it enabled humans to do everything that they were great with and allowed machines to follow suit with their strengths along the way.

Some organizations were firing workers and they continued to implement AI as we speak. Common examples include Duolingo who just cut out a staggering 10% of the contractors involved. Meanwhile, another spokesperson mentioned how these job cuts were not a continuous replacement of employees through the hands of AI. It was more linked to the revamped technology.

Meanwhile, plenty of other leading organizations are making the most of AI to better their workforce at this moment in time.

For instance, Deloitte stated how it was making use of AI to stop job firings by having it assess workers’ skills and figure out ways to move those into a more demanding position.

So as you can tell by his words, the goal is to make the most of technology as plenty of rivals are in the industry today. But those who achieve gains by replacing humans with AI will lose the race as compared to those making the most of it by using AI to complement the workforce.

He then addressed comments about AI transforming the world into something more automated in nature. The reality on this front had to do with how the world was far from that and therefore people shouldn’t be worrying about that right now.

Instead, it’s all about doing tasks that are automated and some are augmented. But still, humans are needed and will be integral to carrying out roles with great efficiency. Only those who choose to do that will win in the end, as they will get productivity gains.

But with that being said, it makes sense as to why workers are generally concerned about AI coming to get them. The hype on this front is real and cannot be ignored, the professor continued.

Two leading CEOs who happen to be involved in the domain of robotic technology added to the media outlet Business Insider how employees shouldn’t fear AI being their replacement. Instead, they should be happy about the technology adopting a more dangerous approach in terms of workload.

AI would be carrying out tasks that are more repetitive and mundane and that leaves humans to focus on things that are more creative and have greater meaning, displaying incredible skill across the board.

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