WhatsApp Makes Exciting Changes On Channels To Better Align With User Interests

Popular social media texting app WhatsApp is making a series of changes to its Channels feature.

The launch was first done for Channels last year in June and now, we’re seeing how admins will be given the chance to better engage with followers via a series of amendments.

WhatsApp Channels was first rolled out to give a one-way communication route for users. It enables them to follow those on the platform so that it aligns better with both the hobbies and interests of many out there today.

The update was rolled out today and that’s where the app confirmed how there would be a new and innovative poll feature with voice updates. Zuckerberg also mentioned the changes through his own WhatsApp channel. This is where he sheds light on what all users can expect to arise very soon.

Meanwhile, the company shared more on this front through its Facebook page where they displayed top rapper Bad Bunny being one of the first few to release voice updates to fans through his Channel on the app. It’s quite like that seen on a regular voice note but it provides a new means for admins to contact followers out there today.

In other news, we’re hearing more about another feature that the app is hoping to roll out which is polls for all users. The news was confirmed through WABetainfo who shared the feature last week when Beta testers were given the chance to explore it further.

It similarly highlighted how the polls witnessed on Channels would be restricted to just one choice and that the interface was quite like that seen on groups or solo user chats where polls can be shared.

As confirmed by the media outlet, all poll voters would continue to be anonymous to their followers but also to the owner who made the poll to begin with. The feature was already present to those on group chats but it’s now coming to the platform’s Channels feature too so that people can engage more on this front as well.

Similarly, the app is also changing the limit for admin members on a single channel, raising the figure to up to 16 admins per channel. Wow, that’s a serious change.

The new admin members can be included via the ‘Invite Admins’ button seen on the description page. Last but not least, the app allows users to share the updates on Channel through their WhatsApp Status.

Therefore, when users press on the picture or a certain message gets shared for that specific Channel, you have the choice to forward that so others can benefit or share across their personal status. This would be in the form of Stores through the app.

In more news, the company just mentioned how they’re also going to soon be giving iOS users the chance to make more stickers. This is a capability that produces stickers of pictures that the user selects. It can be further enhanced by including text while getting shared by a host of other individuals.

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