YouTube Accused Of Profiting Millions Through Ads On Channels Making False Climate Change Reports

Video giant YouTube is making millions each year by running ads alongside channels that promote false climate change reports.

The accusations were hurled in the popular video streaming platform’s direction by the CCDH. It further mentioned how content creators are coming up with new means to overcome the app’s efforts to evade misinformation and their respective efforts in this domain are going strong.

The report was rolled out yesterday and that’s where creators were said to use AI to go through a whopping number of transcripts arising in the past six years on a huge number of channels that market content.

Search engine giant Google disagrees on this front and refutes the claims. It said that a major climate change policy was currently in place that prevents ads from being aligned to content that it feels goes against research consensus regarding the prevalence and reasons for climate change.

Plenty of discussions regarding climate change continue to arise and that matter has been a subject of debate for months. Therefore, YouTube says that whenever the company’s tools find content that crosses the line in terms of denying climate change or not accepting the fact as they are proven with evidence, it strips advertising on the front as confirmed by Google’s rep while speaking to the media recently.

The tech giant is also rolling out panels below videos to give more data regarding data change and material arising from third parties.

The material undermines scientific data regarding the subject of human behavior giving rise to a change in weather patterns and serious temperature changes too.

For years, the CCDH has been working hard as a leading non-profit firm that has the goal of protecting human rights and civil liberties by ensuring social media firms are kept accountable.

The video giant is said to be making a whopping $13.4 million yearly in the name of advertising revenue that comes from channels that were researched in this report.

The accusations have been boldly described as shocking and it’s not just about $13 million worth of profits here but also about the huge impact on the planet’s future that this can have. For this reason, the CCDH feels it’s time that apps like YouTube expand definitions linked to climate denial to new wordings like New Denial so that other leading tech giants can follow that example.

It also hoped YouTube would instill more policies that prevent profiting money from content that rejects scientific evidence pertaining to climate change causes and its mere existence.

The accusations and concerns on the matter were only raised after the company went through a staggering number of content on the app including that published by more than 96 channels from 2018 to 2023. It had data regarding climate change rejection and denials like content arising from Blaze TV and Heartland Institute.

Over the years, the research showed how climate change denial has shifted. They used to be limited to terms like global warming isn’t happening in the past but today, it’s very different. The content now speaks about the effects of climate change and whether it’s hurtful or beneficial.

The report also sheds light on alarming content like climate change being dubbed as conspiracies. To help produce results on this matter, they really went the extra mile to use independent evaluators to go through text on transcripts and grade the model for their accuracy. Only then were they able to conclude the findings.

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