Data Shows Most Popular AI Tools in 2023, With ChatGPT Coming At Top

New AI tools are being introduced every day ever since AI became popular in 2023. There are many LLMs (Large Language Models) including text-based assistants and image-to-text generators are in use by many people now. A report by Writerbuddy shows how frequently AI tools are being used.

Without any surprise, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is the most popular AI chatbot in 2023. It was introduced to the public in November 2022, but now it is the biggest AI tool worldwide. ChatGPT had a total of 14.6 billion visits, with 60% of visits recorded from November 2022 to August 2023. Characters.AI is another AI tool that acts more as a personalized chatbot. It is also known as a dialogue agent where the users can talk with different video games, TV characters or even a psychologist. The third in the list of the most popular AI tools is QuillBot. It is a writing AI tool that users use for different writing purposes. These top three AI tools add up to about 80% of visits to any AI website.

As the top three were under the category of LLMs, an AI image generator MidJourney was the fourth most popular AI site. Hugging Face was the fifth while Google Bard was the sixth most popular AI website. The other AI tools on the list were NovelAI, CapCut, JanitorAI, and CivitAI.
All of these AI tools tell us that the future is going to be all about artificial intelligence. Even though it has not been much time since AI has taken over, some companies are making many different AI tools. These AI tools have already recorded billions of visits. The world couldn't have imagined this wave of AI a few years ago, but AI has already surpassed all expectations. Now, we have to see what the coming years will bring to the world of AI.

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