Study Shows that TikTok is the Most Popular App Among Gen-Z For Using As a Search Engine

A new study by Adobe shows that Gen-Z is using TikTok for their everyday search. People are searching for new trends, information, recipes and music on TikTok. This study was carried out after surveying 800 consumers and 250 business owners. The study shows that 40% of users of social media use TikTok when they want to search for something or want to know about an ongoing news or trend.

The people who were using TikTok for search are mostly Gen-Z, with 64% using TikTok while 49% of millennials use it for searching for different things. Gen-Z and Millennials both use TikTok for searching for recipes, music, DIY ideas, fashion and many more things, with Gen-Z using it 29% more than millennials. The study shows that 10% of Gen-Z prefer TikTok over Google when they want to search a topic.

Other than TikTok, ChatGPT is also getting popular as a search engine tone with 10% of users using it to answer their queries. They are also asking ChatGPT for personal advice. The reason why TikTok is getting so famous among Gen-Z as a search engine is because it shows content according to the users’ interest and preference. 40% of Gen-Z like this feature of TikTok and 26% of baby boomers also agree that this feature of TikTok has made them drawn to the app.

62% of the TikTok users like tutorial videos on TikTok and 39% users use TikTok to check reviews of different products. Many business owners are also using TikTok to gain more customers by promoting their companies and products. 25% of small business owners use influencing to gain more customers on TikTok.

The study shows that businesses use 15% of their total budget to promote their products on TikTok. TikTok is offering many opportunities to business owners so they can promote their products among young people. We will have to see what TikTok will introduce now that it is the most popular app among businesses and young people.

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