The Chatbot Revolution: Meet the Hottest Psychologist AI Everyone Is Talking About!

After ChatGPT, many AI chatbots have been developed and is one of them. Many young people are using this platform to chat with the AI models of their favorite personalities like Beyonce, Elon Musk, Harry Potter, etc. But apart from all these models, a model that is getting well known among youngsters in “Psychologist”. A user named Blazeman98 created this model over a year ago, and since then about 79.1 million messages have been exchanged with this chatbot. Many users say that this bot helps them overcome their life difficulties.

There are several other chatbots too on that are named as therapist or psychologist. But most users use them for roleplaying as an anime, entertainment or fantasy character. On Reddit, users who have chatted with Psychologist are sharing impressive reviews about this chatbot. One user said that it’s a life saver while someone else said that this chatbot has helped her and her boyfriend resolve their issues. The mastermind behind this chatbot is a 30 years old psychologist named Sam Zaia who said that he didn’t expect that the chatbot he had created would get this much positive response. He also shared that he developed Psychologist by using all the principles and methods he has himself studied as a psychologist.

Sam said that he has created this chatbot so people can have someone or something to talk to when they are completely alone. As is popular among people of ages 16-30, Psychologist uses the tone and language which makes people feel close to it. Theresa Plewman who is a psychotherapist says that she has also tried Psychologist but isn’t completely satisfied with the way it responds to a general query with complex answers. She says that the chatbot can never take the place of a human psychologist because it cannot access all the information a human could.

The spokesperson for said that they are glad that people are finding connection and guidance through their platform, but professional help is also very important. She said that whenever a user starts a chat, he sees a sign that says that everything the characters say, it’s all made up. This means every user should remember that AI chatbots are different from humans. They can even make up some information to please its users.

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