Essential Skills That Are Going to Help You Boost Your Income This Year

In modern society, having skills is most important to earn money. If you don’t have some skills, survival in today’s world can become a big challenge. You can get as many degrees as you want but they won’t make you much money if you do not have a few skill sets. There are a lot of basic skills that an average person can learn without any difficulty. Some of them don’t even require a degree.

As earning money should be everyone’s priority in today’s world, there are some high paying skills that will be in demand the most in 2024 and beyond. We are going to talk about the top 8 of them in this article.

Top 8 Skills That Are High in Demand

Following are the top 8 skills that every other person is trying to learn. They help a lot in the long run and help people earn money even when the economy is in crisis.

1- Digital and Social Media Marketing

You all must have heard about digital and search engine optimization on social media platforms. The reason why everyone is hyping it up is because of its high demand and comfortable income. There are different courses available on the internet that you can do on your own. Some are free while some are paid. If you become a professional in digital and content marketing, you can earn more than $70k per year. If you are working under someone, the pay rate can be a little less but still higher than most skills.

Digital Marketers' Annual Income: Breaking Down the Numbers

2- Executive and Virtual Assistant

Being an assistant is more of a skill than a profession. If you are proficient in writing emails and doing scheduling and administrative work, you are nearly an assistant. Use of different software like Primavera is a must if you want to pursue this career. Being a CEO’s assistant can make you earn a lot of money depending on the company you are working for. If it’s a big company, an assistant can even earn between $50K to $90k per year. Virtual assistants also work in a similar way as assistants but they do all of the work online. You can work from home for different organizations and do simple tasks for them.

You can also work as a project manager once you are able to perform all your tasks expertly as an assistant. This skill can help you make more money than an executive assistant.

3- Driving

Driving is undoubtedly a wonderful skill that can also help you earn money. There are many jobs available for semi-truck drivers. You need to have a license to drive a semi truck. The learning process and arrival of the license can take one to two months but can help you a lot. If you don’t like driving for long hours, there are also driving jobs available that let you get home at the end of the day. Apart from driving, being a bus or train conductor and air traffic controller are also making a great sum of money nowadays. The best thing about these skills is that they just require a high school diploma and you are good to work. Driving can make you earn $50k-$70k per year.

4- Tradesperson

Being a tradesperson is highly required in the construction sector. There are different types of diplomas that help you learn manual work in a year. Being a tiler and or plasterer can make you earn more than an electrician or painter. A four year degree isn’t for everyone, so some people can choose a one year program to become a tradesperson of their liking. It can help you earn $40k-$70k per year.

5- Data Analyst

Data Analysis is a vast field and if you are a person with logical and analytical skills, you can become a good data analyst. If you have interest in mathematics and statistics, you can easily learn different programs online. All the basics of data analysis are available online for free. Once you learn the basics, you can immediately start earning $60k-$80k per year.

6- Creative Skills

Creative skills like writing, graphic designing, photography and videography are also required a lot in today’s world. You can apply to different content writing jobs if you are good at writing. There are also a lot of jobs for graphic designers online. With photography and videography skills, you can work part-time as a wedding photographer. If you become very skilled, there is a chance you can earn up to $90,000 per year.

7- E-commerce Skills

Selling products online is also a very in-demand skill. You should know how to engage your customers and ask them to buy your products. There are also a lot of courses on e-commerce too that you can do to seek guidance. There are a lot of jobs in e-commerce like product manager, customer service, marketing and ads-management. Your skills in e-commerce can help make you earn $100k per year, and sometimes even more, if you've gained some experience. It all depends on your skills and products you are trying to sell.

8- Online Tutor

If you have command on certain subjects, you can work as an online tutor. You need to know academic stuff so you can teach students. Many parents look for online tutors so their child can learn a subject he is weak in. You can also prepare students for their college entrance exams. On average, an online tutor can earn $50k-$100k a year depending on the subjects he is teaching. Online tutoring is perfect for people who have degrees but are not able to find relevant jobs in their fields.


Skills are the most important thing individuals can have. Having skills can help you earn money that a simple college degree with no experience cannot. We discussed some of the most prominent skills that are going to help you earn money in 2024.

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