Amazon Hit With Mighty $35 Million Fine For Overly Intrusive Employee Surveillance System

A top data privacy regulator in France has just rolled out a massive $35 million fine in tech giant Amazon’s direction. The allegations pertain to the overly intrusive behavior of the company’s employees who make use of a surveillance system to keep a check on different individuals.

This system continues to be used by a leading logistics subsidiary that belongs to Amazon called France Logistique. As reported by media outlet Engadget, the system continues to be used by the organization to measure all kinds of work interruptions like accuracy and needs employees to explain any sort of break or disturbances involved.

As per reports from CNIL, the software used for surveillance purposes continued to track employees through barcode scanning means and then process their orders. They would go about calling out anyone who was not processing an order at a certain speed that they found to be unacceptable.

So there were instances where the users flagged employees being idle for even one minute.

As per reports generated by the CNIL, this system that’s currently working is so illegal but Amazon refutes all of the allegations thrown in its direction. But when asked about how it fits under the current GDPR system, the firm added a new system in this regard including how it’s standard practice to make sure quality remains safe at all times and is efficiently delivered too. This would ensure the right inventory tracking and processing of packages take place in a timely and effective manner and as per the expectations of the client in question.

The more explanations that the company gives, the more people disagree with it and the conclusions generated by the CNIL and how it reserves the right to make appeals to such decisions.

French Regulator Imposes $35M Fine on Amazon Over Employee Surveillance
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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