Another Bad Spell For Meta’s Threads As Adam Mosseri Confirms App’s Struggles With Low-Quality Recommendations

Meta’s Threads might be going through another bad spell, just when we thought it was getting back on track in terms of popularity and social media success.

The app finally rolled out in the EU region recently and that again saw a whopping surge in signups where excited users were so glad they didn’t need a VPN to make use of the platform. Meanwhile, others felt it was soon going to serve as major competition for the X app and that did put Elon Musk and his team of executives in a state of worry and panic.

But the latest news on this front has to do with how the app is not quite what it seems and if you happen to have witnessed just that, you are not the only one.

Thanks to posts generated on the platform itself, we have more information in terms of how Instagram’s head claims the company’s tech team has managed to highlight where the loophole could be and that has to do with low-standard recommendations being rolled out in users’ direction.

For so long, Adam Mosseri has been so positive about how the main purpose of the platform was to give users the best or most positive experience out there today. Now, we’re seeing him admit that there are issues that they hope to fix really soon, all published via the CEO’s video post.

Thankfully, there are some positives from this not-so-great news. And that has to do with how the incident did not go against too many community guidelines. Similarly, it didn’t have any kind of serious impact in terms of how Meta admits that there is an issue that it hopes to deal with soon.

Therefore, they seem to be working on this and they hope to fix the matter soon, Mossseri further reassured Meta users.

But he did admit that it would take some time and the best way to go about the matter would be carrying out amendments in phases. Meanwhile, as the figure for enhancements keeps being made as we speak, Mosseri explained how he and his team would continue to keep improving Threads in the future as well.

He did ask fans to let him know when they don’t happen to see it as that would mean things are getting better. But to get there is going to require time and resources, he explained. But there was great optimism and hope in his voice in terms of how he plans to make things better in the near future. For now, a little bit of patience can go a long way, he added.
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In the past, so many users started to speak about how recommendations on Threads were not meeting the preferences of users on this platform. One example of this is linked to an account by the name of Lunalemoncake.

The user explained how disturbing it is to have explicit ads follow him. They have bizarre offers of strange services and despite blocking it, they don’t seem to stop. And being regular on the app means such kinds of actions are just too concerning.

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