Telegram Calls Out Russian Authorities For Mysteriously Removing Fines Against Tech Giants

Popular messaging app Telegram is making it known that it’s having trouble comprehending the reasons why Russian authorities ended up removing fines against big tech giants in the industry.

The reasons declared by Russia are yet to make any sense and therefore the company claims it’s high time for some transparency to be added on the controversial subject.

Seeing names suddenly be released from the nation’s list of debtors without any sense is just baffling. They were mysteriously dropped.

One of the firms which happens to be Telegram acknowledged today that it’s not aware of any reason being highlighted for why they were dropped. Other names on the list included Meta, YouTube, Google, and also TikTok.

As per reports from media outlet Reuters, one spokesperson for the platform went into detail about how it might be linked to a deficiency of assets in the Russian nation. In the same way, they shed light on how there would be no offices or any employees present over there. Still, they need more information on the subject and hope to be enlightened someone soon.

Telegram is said to have zero assets, employees, workplaces, and more in the country. There seems to be a lack of presence over there and since there’s no visibility on the subject in terms of why there are so many fines against the leading messaging app and why they were dropped, it’s a little concerning.

Telegram’s rep also mentioned how reports from the country’s own local agencies mentioned more about how fines were eradicated as bailiffs couldn’t find any assets to seize or to charge fines against.

No matter what the verdict or outcome, this has yet to affect the leading app’s presence in the country. Today, it stands tall and proud as one of the most famous firms in the nation. Meanwhile, other companies like Google and Meta still have charges dropped against them but there are others on the list like X and Twitch who must face them again.

To be more specific, the fines account for a whopping 23 million rubles and others go as far as 51 million.

After Russia attacked Ukraine, a list of social media apps from the West just blatantly refused to put out services in the country. Meanwhile, we saw that in January of 2022, Meta put out a pro-Ukraine stand which meant all content passing through Facebook’s platform didn’t market Russia’s propaganda.

Then in October of 2022, we saw Meta facing massive retaliation from Russia’s government. It was included in the extremists’ list and was then banned in that particular nation.

In terms of Google, it is currently paying heavy fines after it chose to side with the Russian government. Then in May last year, the company’s assets worth a staggering 7 billion rubles were similarly seized.

Meanwhile, Google Russian opted to file for bankruptcy after the latter’s bank account was taken under control by Russian officials. Finally, in October last year, it came under the declaration of bankruptcy.

So as you can see, there are so many incidents here in terms of how Western companies were not on the same page as the country’s authorities and regulating bodies. Keeping all of that in mind, it would not be wrong to say that the removal of all of these fines is shocking, to say the least.

For now, there are yet to be any comments made on the matter and there is yet to be any kind of firm involved in this too, other than Telegram who is the one making comments on the matter.

Image: Digital Information World

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