OpenAI’s COO Provides Interesting Insights Surrounding The Current AI Hype

As the world of AI dominates, we’re saying hello to all kinds of perspectives of the masses. But it’s interesting to hear what the actual leaders have to say that are responsible for the unfazed trends linked to this domain.

And who better to ask than the COO of OpenAI who did not fail in terms of having his say about the current AI boom. While most of us continue to debate how useful of an endeavor it really is, this next report concentrates on Brad Lightcap’s views and they’re very interesting, to say the least.

The AI hype is certainly not a solution for everything. And as per Lightcap’s opinion, it’s insane how some tech giants are holding on to unrealistic goals and targets to achieve with the breakthrough technology.

Sitting down for a recently held interview with media outlet CNBC, he added how one of the most hyped and talked about components in this entire ordeal has to do with the capability of AI to completely alter an enterprise in a single go.

He further added how his organization tends to hold discussions and meetings with other industry leaders and they keep on speaking about how they want to achieve a particular target for so long but just aren’t getting there.

It could be related to attaining a revenue growth of 20% that was seen in the past but just isn’t seen now. Maybe they wish to embark on reducing costs, and so on and so forth, the leading executive added.
Lightcap reiterated how this year has seen the boom of generative AI and ever since they rolled out their famous AI tool dubbed ChatGPT, it’s safe to say that there can never be just a single thing to do when using AI if you wish to solve your business’s issues completely.

He added how most firms fail to understand that AI creates a new realm for users in terms of individuality and their respective empowerment in the industry. But it’s not just the big shots who can benefit.

AI can help those starting out or working as independent entrepreneurs with great ambitions who can use the AI tool and generate more revenue. Moreover, when one person asked the program to generate tips on how to get a successful firm up and running with just a startup sum of $100, ChatGPT did that. And while the person or firm isn’t earning millions just yet, it’s surely on its way.

But the COO of OpenAI revealed how such actions are yet to be announced and usually go unnoticed and he thinks it’s not fair. He added how you can find plenty of people in the industry carrying superpowers that are only in the leading position thanks to what plenty of tools equipped them with. So what they once perceived as impossible was actually possible now with assistance.

Programs and tools including the likes of ChatGPT give businesses the shortcuts needed to get desirable results in a faster and more efficient manner and with the help of the company’s owners and workforce, success is no longer a dream, it’s reality, he confirmed.

One leading industry example was provided with Morgan Stanley and how it enhanced earnings with projections expected to hit a whopping $83 million in the next five years. But then comes the negativity of some who can’t help but talk about how AI is detrimental to the human race and will end up stealing people’s work while getting rid of jobs and that’s proof of how society can never be happy.

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