ChatGPT Is Fighting Its Own Internal Battles That Most People Know Nothing About

Popular AI tool ChatGPT has witnessed a lot of interesting happenings over the past few weeks.

We saw its parent firm undergo a major reshuffling in terms of the leading board of executive directors and we promise to not get into the details of that again because it’s been talked about enough. But wait, there is more than meets the eye, and some things are a little more interesting but yet no one has noticed them.

After the whole explosive Sam Altman getting ousted embroilment took place over an online meeting session, we saw how ChatGPT’s parent firm put a complete halt to taking on new subscribers for the AI tool.

Yes, they just said a big fat no to accepting new funds coming in their direction. As per a recent tweet unleashed by Altman himself, the pause was inevitable as they could not maintain growth and that was a mighty issue.

Now the thought here has to do with how many funds are we really dealing with right now. When you gaze down at the numbers, you start to come to the realization that you can learn something quite imperative here. You can reverse engineer the firm’s revenue output and that is actually super intriguing.

The news comes to us thanks to App Intelligence. They dived down deep into the figures of the firm’s mobile revenue and not the complete one. This means taking a look at how much ChatGPT earns through in-app purchases across App Stores for iOS and Android users.

Interestingly, the report proved how the firm is actually losing hundreds of thousands of dollars daily. Taking the stats from the last couple of months into consideration, the organization lost nearly $127,000 in the name of net revenue.

After just 14 days since it took upon the shutdown, that figure sums up closely to two million dollars and this figure sees it as net revenue. And that’s what the parent firm would have gained after giving out respective shares to Apple as well as Google.

This is a major loss and it arises from the simple fact that it cannot get newly paying customers and also the current ones keep on canceling subscriptions.

The news is major and while the AI tool is doing great, many fail in terms of getting the right kind of value from it. Seeing the organization put an end to newly launched subscriptions gives more insights in terms of how much the tech giant is churning.

If there’s no output, the revenue for the firm would appear very much like that seen in the past month as subscription renewals continued to take place routinely. But since that’s no longer the case, the simple difference between both of them is what it’s roughly churning out.

When you look at data arising from the past two weeks, you can see how the tool’s revenue outcome is 14% and there is no figure for good churn right now. Whatever the case may be, 14% is not something to be proud of. It’s quite the opposite and it is in line with the harsh reality that people don’t know how to handle the tool.

Seeing the speed at which the app’s subscriptions keep on growing at a great speed is proof that the tool appears great externally but once that ends, retaining the same fame is going to be hard.

The news signals a huge chance for developers to move ahead with a bang. OpenAI’s famous AI tool is a fabulous offering but it’s a hard sell in terms of the masses. And that’s linked to its many capabilities.

So many focused rollouts keep on making use of AI to a great extent and that’s going to grow with time. However, we are not discussing more details about the most basic variant of ChatGPT which fails to add more value.

Those are vanishing from the market but real tools that enable users to make the most of AI are what we’re talking about. And developers know that making the most of AI during this explosive tech boom is sure to harness more opportunities for them.

H/T: AppFigures

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