Most of the Reviews on Amazon are Not as Genuine as They Seem

Holiday shopping can be exciting, but if you are doing it online, it can create some problems. You need to keep in mind that not all reviews on online shopping websites are genuine. Always check the reviews as they shouldn’t be overly positive or negative. Recent study shows that 43% of reviews out of 33.5 million examined on Amazon are fake. This means every other review you read can be fake. Almost 60% of people buy a thing online after reading its reviews. 58% of people don’t find five-star rating genuine, while 43% don’t buy a product with less than four stars rating. For most people, a product needs at least a three-stars, especially for electronics. Fashion items had the most fake reviews. 88% of the 4.5 million reviews analyzed in the study for clothes, shoes, and jewelry were fake and not genuine as the reviews were suggesting.

GetCircuit, a delivery software company, carried out a study that revealed that 1.5 million branded products on Amazon were fake. Apple follows closely with 1 million fake reviews. Circuit's Merritt Ryan says that the products with the most fake reviews were Amazon and Apple products. Third-party sellers are also a great factor in bad ratings. Hanes (an underwear company) had 839,000 fake reviews and Crocs (a footwear brand) had 680,000 fake reviews.

It doesn’t mean that Amazon doesn’t have any genuine ratings at all. Many customers also write genuine and true reviews on the products they buy. When you are buying a product, study its good as well as bad reviews. Look for reviews that give details and talk about what's good and what’s so bad about the product.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has also suggested stopping fake reviews. Amazon also took legal action against fake reviews on its website. Recently, a media outlet talked about an Xbox Series X sold on Amazon in Germany for €380 ($410), but it turned out to be fake. It was sold by a third-party seller. Amazon said they found out and closed the account after looking into it. They want to make sure their store is safe and will do whatever it takes to stop people who do fake ratings.

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