Gmail Earned Its Highest Revenue till Date After Introducing In-App Purchases on iOS

According to AppFigures latest data, Gmail's earnings on iOS have reached an all-time high peak in terms of its revenue. This may come out as a shock to most people that Gmail, the widely used email platform, also has in-app purchase options that were a major reason for this accomplishment. In recent months, Gmail has appeared on the Top Grossing chart, indicating a surprising rise of revenue. In November alone, Google's iOS app earned $8.9 million in revenue, which was after deducting Apple’s payment. It's worth mentioning that Google does not have in-app purchases on Google Play. So, this means that this revenue is only after collecting data on iOS devices. If Google introduces in-app purchases on Google Play, there is a chance that Gmail’s revenue will grow more.

The data shows that November was the highest revenue month for Gmail since the release of the app, surpassing its own previous highest numbers in October and August. In-app purchases of Gmail were introduced in 2021. After that, Gmail's revenue started constantly rising with only a slight decline in September 2023. After September 2023, the revenue started skyrocketing, because users started doing in-app purchases more frequently.

The biggest source of Gmail's revenue is in-app purchasing for additional storage space. The 100MB storage made Gmail earn the highest amount followed by 200MB and 2TB options. Given allo of the data, it is anticipated that Gmail will continue to climb the Top Grossing chart as in 2024. Now we will have to wait and see what the new year will bring for Gmail. Hopefully, it will all be good. As almost every person uses Gmail, we can say that Gmail has a lot more revenue coming its way.

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