Microsoft Edge Has Gained the Biggest Market Shares Ever Since Its Release

Microsoft Edge has the biggest market share ever since its release. Statcounter's updated data shows that 11.23% desktop users are using Microsoft Edge for internet surfing. In October, the percentage was 10.3% which increased in November. This shows that there was a surge in users which use Microsoft Edge for their browsing activities. Even though Microsoft Edge is getting more market shares, it still has no competition with Google Chrome and other better competitors. Apple Safari also has more users than Microsoft Edge. Even though Apple Safari is a non-cross browser Microsoft Edge cannot compete with its browser on Windows, MacOS, and Linux altogether.

Safari overtook Microsoft Edge back in April 2023 and it is maintaining its shares with 13.3% of users. If we talk about Google Chrome, which has the highest market shares and is dominated on all platforms, it was doing well with 63.24% shares. But these shares decreased a little, coming down to 62.06% in November.

Firefox has 6.69% shares while Opera comes in last with 4.54% shares. As Microsoft Edge doesn't have many users, Microsoft has tried many ways to make users use Edge, particularly Windows users. When users open Chrome in Windows OS, they can see various advertisements regarding Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has even incorporated a poll in Chrome that users have to take before installing Google Browser.

EU has made a policy that states that Microsoft will allow Windows 10 and 11 users to uninstall Microsoft Edge on their own. Microsoft also has to accept this rule which is also a factor for its fewer users. Users can also remove Microsoft Edge from their windows even if they aren't in the European Union. This also makes Microsoft Edge hard to come at levels with bigger browsers.

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