Good News For Microsoft As Windows 11 Attains Steady Growth In November 2023 With 26.6% Market Share

The latest StatCounter report for November 2023 is out and as recently published data proved, market shares for Windows 11 have attained a steady growth.

The reports that feature stats from all kinds of Windows versions were quick to delineate how the jump continued to peak modestly when compared to October of this year. Today, Windows 11 is downloaded on nearly 26.6% of all Windows PCs and that’s a definite achievement for the software giant.

Windows 7 maintains 3.1% market share despite the end of software support.

While the report cannot outline 100% accurate data, what we can say for sure in terms of market share for every version is that Windows 11 is doing great so far. For those interested in figuring out more in terms of how the firm attains intelligence on such matters and publishes reports on the topic every month, you can read their FAQ.

Meanwhile, when we look at the predecessor of Windows 11, which is Windows 10, we see how it lost a significant figure of users, going downwards. So that means it went from 69% to 68% in no time. Today, it’s like no growth was achieved as the stats displayed were the same as witnessed a year back. And that’s just a month before we saw software giant Microsoft putting an end to support for Windows 7.

After the start of this year, we saw Windows 10 boom like anything. It was unexpected and the market share grew indefinitely. But as we came closer to the year-end, it was a different ballgame. More and more Windows users took on the decision to upgrade their PCs to Windows 11.

Today, Windows 7 continues to have a 3.1% market share. That is interesting because the news means these users aren’t bothered by the fact that the software giant isn’t going to be adding any more software or security updates to the version, alongside other important patches.

When looking at Windows 8.1, it has a market share of 1.3% while Windows XP stands at 0.45%. And Windows 10 dominates with 68%.

One of the reports also proved how Windows 11 has reached close to 400 million user computers each month. And that surpassed its parent firm’s expectations. So as you can see, the report has provided a uniquely precise breakdown featuring the Windows market of today.

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