Meta Rolls Out Innovative Celebrity-Infused Chatbots And Releases Its Imagine AI Image Generator For US Users

If you happen to be a huge fan of the world of entertainment then you’ll be delighted to learn more about tech giant Meta’s latest celeb-infused chatbot offering. And trust us when we say that it’s as unique as it sounds.

Facebook’s parent firm has excited users across the US by giving them the chance to chat with the celebrity chatbots and while it’s not the actual celeb in question, the company has done great in terms of providing the next best thing.

From supermodels to huge names in the Hollywood industry, you can initiate conversations with characters that are backed up by innovative AI technology.

The company first spoke about the unique offering in September at the mega Connect event this year and seeing how far it has come in such a short period means big things are on offer.

The rollout is for American users on Instagram, WhatsApp, and even Facebook - basically all of Meta’s apps. Before, it was launched in beta for a short number of individuals but now, that’s not the case.

The news was confirmed by the company on Wednesday which says you can send out messages as early as now and for that, just begin any chat across any one of Meta’s platforms. You’ll soon attain options that ask if you’d like to access or produce AI chats and if that’s the case, what are you waiting for?

The next step involves choosing a long list of famous individuals who you’d like to chat with. There are influencers added to the list of known people too and who better to relate than them, considering how massive their fan following is on Meta’s apps.

Some of the names outlined so far include Paris Hilton, Kendall Jenner, Dwayne Wade, and Mr. Beast as well. However, don’t get your hopes too high as these chatbots are not based upon the individual’s real life or their nature. It’s all made up or fiction and should be taken in a light-hearted manner, the company adds.
It’s like a chatbot taking on someone else’s persona. But one other limitation is how the character continually responds to the user’s queries or chats through facial expressions generated via a loop video that just replays each time it’s spoken to. Therefore, it will not talk back to you, just give out various facial expressions.

Whatever the case may be, Meta feels it’s a fun take on chats and quite entertaining, to say the least.

In other news, the tech giant has also just released its popular Imagine Image Generator for the masses to benefit from. This means the company’s users are going to benefit big time through the creation of images via simple text prompts.

But before anyone can do so, they would be required to log into accounts. Before we forget, it’s also similarly only available for those based in the US. So if you have a Meta account and are located here, then there’s no reason to break a sweat.

You will also see the images produced featuring watermarks. The future plan is to instill all images generated through Imagine with invisible watermarks to attain further transparency with more chances to track them down.

Previously, users were limited in terms of how they could use the latest image generator offering. Now, Imagine can be taken and used straight from the web through its respective website.

The news was first announced by tech media outlet Engadget who found it free to use on Simply begin by adding a specific prompt and see how a simple idea produces a creative graphic in no time.

Meta's Imagine Image Generator, previously limited, is now accessible on the web for creative graphic production.

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