2023 Wrapped: TikTok And YouTube Highlight Their Biggest Trends, Creators, And Topics For This Year

We are just days away from saying goodbye to the year 2023 and welcoming 2024 with an absolute bang. And just as the world gears up to celebrate, social media giants TikTok and YouTube are providing insights regarding what trends made it big, which creators dominated, and the topics that viewers simply couldn’t get enough of.

Starting off with TikTok, the company gave a summary in terms of the biggest content trends. And we’ll reassure you that there were one too many. From cooking and cleaning to makeup, grooming, traveling, and so much more- the list had plenty of exciting endeavors.

Many users saw this year as the one to make the most of culinary delights dubbed girl dinners, tips for simple everyday tasks, and even mega public events that ruled 2023 like a boss!
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Small creators got a chance to make it big while big companies and names got even more fame. The global creator community accepted the app’s new policies with open arms and many generated great revenue by making popular content and influencing the masses.

But which trends generated the most engagement through the platform is a point worth mentioning. As unveiled by the clip, plenty of small trends had people talking and lit up various parts of their brains. Among the top ten, Makeup Routine by Dollievision, Iron Man’s world premiere, Giant Kittens, Selena Gomez’s before-flight routine, and also the incredible voice of New Talent Chrishoffish made it to the top 5 list.

Food ASMR by thezachchoi also had people talking as did the little pooch from kaaaathhhhy. The best onion-chopping hack unveiled from Sarah Kristy also got maximum views as did tubby nugget’s adorable life reminders that people couldn’t get enough of. Lastly, pottery blunders that pros make were also on display.

So many leading stars arose, famous celebs got more fame, and we saw the uprising of educational content reign supreme too as the most watched global clips. But we promise that’s just the start, if you’d like to see more, you can find it here.

TikTok's top videos of the year showcase mainstream content, but my personal feed is filled with niche and unconventional stuff like drain-unclogging and candid monologues. It makes me question if TikTok's compilation is more about marketing than reflecting the platform's true diversity. Reminds me of YouTube's abandoned "Rewind" videos, showing how online content and user preferences evolve. Despite the disparity, I'm still drawn to TikTok's unique and authentic vibe.

On the other hand, popular video search engine YouTube has also put its biggest trends on display, all depending on the stats it got for engagement and users’ behavior. While some you’ll be quite aware of, others might take you by surprise and we can understand why.

The topics display fandom’s impact in terms of altering the culture and society into something that’s super immersive and can be played across different apps and formats. Be it live streams, vlogs, short videos, or just podcasts- the choices to choose from were plenty.

Moreover, it was amazing to see how a personal spin was added by creators in terms of what they felt was exciting to them and the same resounded with their audience who loved what was on display.

Skibidi Toilet saw a massive success that not even creators envisioned. We saw 68 video clips get immense fame. Meanwhile, the famous Grimace Shake reply also had people talking as did Peaches from Jack Black whose humor never fails to surprise so many of us. Miley Cyrus did not come slow with her hit number Flowers whose tune was too memorable and allowed people to relate big time.

The current turmoil in Gaza is another domain whose viewership currently peaks for 2023 while the movie Barbie and its associated clips turned into a global debate as the success was massive and unexpected. Also, the world of AI had people searching left and right to see how the phenomenon could revolutionize the world in more than one way.

There were no surprises in terms of the leader for content creation. MrBeast reigned supreme as he and his friends got the most views, crowning him as the biggest YouTuber for the year. Other big names in the world of creators who reached the top 10 included Zhong, Ben Azelart, VuxVux, and Pink Short Couple.

Meanwhile, a special mention to the world of gaming must be made as we feel it’s always going to serve as a major cultural influencer as people would rather play online than watch television because that’s just how entertaining it is.

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