Google Begins New AI Era As Company Launches Its Latest Large Language Model Gemini

It’s the start of many great things to come in the world of AI for search engine giant Google whose CEO just launched the company’s newest and biggest LLM dubbed Gemini.

Sundar Pichai did not shy away in terms of raving about its greatness after first describing it during the I/O developer summit this past year. Now, it’s set for a public launch, and seeing him and the head of the firm’s DeepMind division praise it immensely means it’s definitely something worth getting your hands on.

The news is a mega step forward in terms of the AI model taking a toll on the company’s large range of products on offer. One of the biggest things in this regard is the work related to the technology and how it’s made better, enabling great flow through its entire range of offerings.

Those assuming Gemini is just another AI model need to think again. It’s even getting launched with a mini version dubbed Gemini Nano which could be run as the usual product or an offline version seen on Android phones. But if you’re on the lookout for something bigger and better, then Gemini Pro is also here to stay. It’s designed to impact all of the company’s AI services while serving as the launching platform for Google Bard too.

But in terms of the biggest product in this range, it’s none other than Gemini Ultra which is yet to be produced but even before that, the hype is real. It’s created usually to be used by big data centers and business apps.

Google is all set for a major launch in several ways for the time being. We’ve got Bard supported by Gemini Pro while those with Pixel devices will attain some benefits thanks to Gemini Nano.

Ultra would be launched in 2024 so we’ve got a while until that happens but it’s certainly a huge deal.

If you’re an enterprise client or work as a developer, you’ll attain access to the Pro variant via the search engine giant’s Generative AI Studio or their Vertex AI on Cloud starting next week. And temporarily, it’s just in English with more languages coming soon.

With time, the Google CEO confirmed how it’s going to be an integral part of the mega search engine, advertising services, Chrome, and so much more for those around the globe.

Pichai confirmed how this particular model is dubbed Google’s future and will leave a lasting mark that’s not going anywhere.

The timing is certainly interesting and seeing how the popular AI tool ChatGPT was also rolled out during this period last year means it could be as lucky for Google as it was for the latter. Remember, Google has been equally responsible for causing a stir in the AI world, and rightly so.

For years, we’ve seen the tech giant labeling itself as AI-First and it was certainly taken aback by the greatness of ChatGPT when it was first launched. Now, it’s gearing up to fight with a bang.
So now the important question in this regard has to do with how it would fair against the latest mega offering by OpenAI that’s dubbed GPT-4. The latter has been on the Android maker’s mind for so long and rightly so. Competition is great and no one wants to be beat out by arch-rivals of the industry.

On that note, Google’s head of DeepMind claims they’ve really worked to carry out an analysis on this front. They ran a staggering 32 benchmarks that make comparisons between two kinds of models. And when the benchmarks were outlined, Google saw how it did well in 30 out of those 32 ones. He even dubbed some to be narrower while others to be larger.

In such benchmarks, Gemini’s biggest lead arises from the chance to comprehend and interact with all types of videos as well as audio. A lot has to do with design and how greatly it interacts through audio and video.

For now, the basic versions are linked to text in and text out. However, the larger variants will work side by side with graphics and video too. You can think of it like action, touch, and more robotic ordeals. So yes, big things are happening.

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