X's November Update: $6.2M mobile revenue, sluggish Premium Plus adoption, awaiting Grok's impact

Diving into the chaos of 2023, X (previously Twitter), had a crazy time, unlike the usual online ups and downs.

In all this craziness, what really catches attention is how X is turning user actions into money – something it struggled with before Elon Musk jumped in.

Summing it up, November was like a jackpot for X in terms of revenue from mobile.

According to Appfigures data, the social network raked in $6.2 million from the App Store and Google Play. That's a 16% jump from October and 8% more than X ever made back in August.

Most of this extra cash came from the App Store, but Google Play wasn't far behind, with a decent increase of 14.6%.

Getting into the details, X introduced new subscription levels in October, aiming to bring in more money. But in November, it looks like people didn't jump on board as fast as expected.

The fancy Premium Plus subscription costs a hefty $22 every month. It's not a simple buy – removing ads is cool, but features like Grok (yes the ChatGPT alternative) might not have fully caught on by November.

We're waiting to see December's impact because Grok only opened up widely then. Growth is on the way; we're just not sure how it's gonna happen.

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