X Makes Huge Efforts To Better Combat Misinformation Regarding Gaza-Israel Conflict As Concerns Rise

The Hamas-Israel war has shaken up the world and it's turning out to be a huge challenge for social media apps to filter accurate posts from those outlined as misleading.

Therefore, platforms like TikTok and others are being called out to detail more about what efforts are being taken to handle misinformation regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. The news comes as the concerns keep on growing related to an element of bias taking place on published material.

Therefore, X addressed the same issues after new reports shed light on how Musk’s app is not doing enough. There are reports of it failing to get rid of most of its posts that entail the likes of hatred and fear of Ithe Muslim religion, anti-Semitism, and hate for hatred for Palestine.

But X has decided to refute such claims. It feels that ever since the conflict took center stage, they have done everything to combat the issues. This includes the launch of a new protocol to handle the matter, followed by new teams that work 24/7 to make sure the world gets the most accurate facts and stories. Similarly, they confirmed the activation of the app’s safeguards so that all of X’s stakeholders remain secure at all times.

The app went on to mention how they take matters like these so seriously and they will ensure such chats revolving around the conflict are kept as authentic as possible while others are removed indefinitely.

X then highlighted how so many countermeasures are being enabled to keep misinformation at bay including getting rid of thousands of accounts that might be launched by violent groups in that part of the world, including Hamas.

Then there was a discussion linked to obtaining direct action over content that went against the company’s terms of service. This entailed the complete removal of the worst cases out there. Similarly, they’re also very active in terms of generating warnings to nearly 400k accounts that have to do with proactive investigations that ensure all such chats about the issue are protected and accuracy is never compromised.

We’re also seeing the platform make changes to its Community Notes rollout. This is something they hope can serve as a key identifier for all types of moderation that are led by the community’s members.

Therefore, the benefit here seems to be giving more power to users who will be able to better gauge what is correct and what isn’t, in comparison to just the decisions being taken on by the respective management. And simultaneously, it ends up reducing the burden on the app’s moderation teams as well as its respective staff and that ends up saving costs of labor too.

We feel that’s a great step forward but in comparison to other leading arch-rivals in the industry like TikTok, there’s a lot more that can be done.

Remember, we know that TikTok alone managed to get rid of more than 900k videos linked to the war in that part of the world, thanks to violations made against the policies of hate, misinformation, as well as terrorism. Similarly, it got rid of more than 700k videos related to hateful behavior.

Hence, when you compare, it’s more than one million video removals against X’s mere 300k posts overall. Let’s not forget how the X app has a lot fewer users than TikTok which could be another factor worth consideration.
Whatever the case may be, X continues to action less content related to the Gaza-Israel war. That could be either due to it being more cautious or simply because it wishes to promote the ideology of free speech which has been its owner’s motto since day one.

Right now, the app’s Community Notes is being relied upon so heavily. And plenty of third parties have found that this mode of action is yet to bring out fruitful results in areas that have been a matter of concern or debate for so long.

Then why do Musk and his team of executives continue to rely on it- now that’s a question worth pondering upon, right? Maybe X does consider the other modes to be super restrictive and that’s why it gets rid of fewer posts through its current-in-use system.

Whatever the case may be, the decision might not be appreciated by the company’s advertisers that eye each and every aspect taken on by X.

Image: DIW

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