Apple Announces Its List Of Finalists For Top Performance In This Year’s App Store Awards

The App Store Awards are here and that’s why tech giant Apple is unveiling its list of finalists for this year’s prestigious event.

For those who might not be aware, the tech giant calls this out as a great chance for both app and game developers to get recognition for all the hard work and efforts they deserve after working relentlessly around the year.

There are a total of 40 names for 2023 that span across 10 categories. Moreover, such apps end up producing exceptional experiences, the Cupertino firms add, resulting in the best cultural effect for the world to witness.

Apple has always taken pride in this event, calling it a great way for creators and developers to feel like they’re acknowledged and that their contribution isn’t going unnoticed by the leading iPhone maker.

The company confirmed that this is the list of finalists and we should be seeing the list of winners announced by the end of the month.

Phil Schiller praised the list of finalists and called them out as super-talented and those who show extreme dedication in their field of work. He similarly spoke about how the firm is so happy and honored to see the achievements of these individuals who continue to assist users in terms of exploring all kinds of interests.

This could be linked to the world of art, games, health, education, entertainment/music, design, edits for videos, physical activities/sports, and so much more. Furthermore, he called them out as talent powerhouses who put great effort into their creations and what they get in the end are exceptional products that the world can benefit from.

As far as the winner for the year 2022 is concerned, it was the popular picture-sharing app BeReal that attained the honor of the platform of the year.

Coming to this year’s list of finalists, Apple claims all the names assisted users big time in terms of finding a wonderful means for exploration as well as learning some innovative skills that perhaps weren’t known much about in the past. This includes AllTrails for outside exploration, Duolingo for expanding learning to the world, and Flighty for stress-free travel experiences.

For Gaming purposes, Afterplace, Honkai, and Vampire Survivors were shortlisted for their innovative contributions and great creativity in terms of keeping users entertained at all times, not to mention incredible animation and cinematic effects.

Those included in the iPad App of the Year domain were DaVinci Resolve, Concepts, and even Pret a Makeup. The latter was hailed for turning makeup trends to life.

Eggy Party, Lost in Play, and Pocket City 2 were acknowledged in the Game of the Year domain. And for Mac App of the Year, the finalists included Linearity Curve, Portal, and Photomator. Meanwhile, the names of Mac Games entering the list were celebrated for great storylines and their use of stellar graphics. And those who made the list included ELEX II, Return to Monkey Island, and Lies of P.

Planny, Tide Guide, and SmartGym made the list for Appele’s Watch App category. And for Apple’s TV app, it was FitOn, Bugsnax, and MUBI.

The list of finalists for Apple’s Arcade Game included Stitch, Hello Kitty, and Cityscapes which provided endless forms of entertainment to users.

Last but not least, the list for Apple’s Cultural Impact domain included those who helped users cultivate, celebrate, and link to the world’s amazing diversity. There were many names including the likes of Pok Pok, balance, Rebel Girls, Endling, Copilot, Unpacking, and Too Good To Go. Each one of them was hailed for their respective offerings and how they really served as the ultimate go-to form of exploration and discovery for users.

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