X Helps Users Navigate Through Long Videos With Its New Timestamp Links While Launching Innovative Live Displays For Gaming Streamers

Elon Musk’s X platform wants to give users something to rave about and that can be proven by the launch of several exciting new features.

For starters, the app wants to help users navigate through long-form content with assistance from timestamp links. Through such means, those uploading new content can include the latest endeavor on the attached content or post. And then as a viewer, you can click on that to skip a particular segment of the video on playback at your convenience.

The feature has only been rolled out for iOS users right now but by the looks of it, the company will make it available for Android users soon shortly so stay tuned.

The platform initially previewed this as a great option during August of this year. This is where they set out examples regarding the addition of references inside the text of the creator’s content.

If you wish to include the link on your video upload, the app encourages the use of time markers being incorporated into the post via an explanatory guide that was rolled out yesterday.

Any post that features video content (such as this one) will be eligible for this feature. Moreover, the timestamp link will get included automatically so users can click on it after the post is published and if the specific time reference inside the content has been allocated through a specified format.

This can include anyone of the following: x:xx, xx:xx, x:xx:xx. xx:xx:xx

So as can be seen, all you need to do is add several figures and then the system would be linked to the specific time reference allocated for the user’s playback convenience. Furthermore, the platform says that such links would be visible for those content featuring one video getting attached. However, you can include a maximum of 50 timestamp links for every one of your uploads.

We can see how this would be great for those users trying to work their way around clips of longer duration but having limited time on their hands. And by the looks of it, the platform is certainly paving the way to promoting content of longer lengths with this feature which might be a part of its business model for next year.

In other news, we’re hearing more about X adding something innovative for its gaming streamer community too. The company says it’s in the process of launching a new update in the form of a chat display for live streams so that gamers can benefit.

This means all viewers can see the stream chat about their game on the exact screen where the playback is taking place on the app’s desktop version. But not everyone is happy or feels it was necessary because it’s just not up to the mark when compared to other leading apps such as YouTube or perhaps even Twitch.

Remember, the platform is only a beginner here and it’s a very basic idea to start with which will hopefully get bigger with time. But if Musk thinks this is in comparison to the likes of YouTube or perhaps something that can be deemed better, then so be it.

Remember, the app is only beginning with such advancements in features for videos and it does hope that sometime soon, it can go above and beyond what others are offering. But we might be thinking about the future as that’s really a far-fetched reality.

This appears to be a great theme for Musk and his promises are very big. Do you recall how the tech billionaire spoke about self-driving vehicles for years not to mention his mission for humans landing on planet Mars in the next two years?

Clearly, those were far-fetched too and we hope this isn’t going to be similar to that because if it is, the timeline isn’t going to be happening anytime soon.

For now, let’s just hope for the best and hope that Musk gets out of the mindset that basic functionalities will cut it because the reality is that it’s not going to. The competition from arch-rivals is plenty and it’s really getting hard to survive when you’re bombarded with engaging updates.

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