Many Companies are Looking for Individuals who can Work as Prompt Engineers and AI Heads

A lot of people say that AI has taken over many jobs which is true in some ways. Studies suggest that AI can disrupt many jobs like finance, law, content creation etc. But apart from that, AI has also given people many work opportunities. AI has produced some new jobs for people related to the tech industry. As there are still a lot of jobs available for people with knowledge of AI, companies using AI are in the hunt for those people.

Chief economist on LinkedIn, Karin Kimbrough, says that he has seen many jobs posted over LinkedIn that are all related to AI. Several industries are integrating AI solutions for work. There is no limit whether the person is an employee or a professional in his field, all of them are using AI to make their work more effective. Kimbrough says that he hasn’t seen people conforming to a new technology that quickly before. It took people some time to use cryptocurrency and virtual reality but people became comfortable with using AI in an instant.

Words like ‘Prompt Engineering’, ‘Generative Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘prompt crafting’ are now being used on LinkedIn as many companies are hiring individuals who can give meaningful prompts to AI like ChatGPT. According to LinkedIn, there was a 13% increase for the job title of “AI Head” from December 2022. The hunt for ‘Prompt Engineers’ is going to skyrocket in 2024. Adzuna’s head, James Neave, says that the job title ‘prompt engineer’ came into being after AI became easily accessible. In the UK, there was no advert for prompt engineer in 2022. But this year, 7 adverts for prompt engineers were seen.

What even are Prompt Engineers? Prompt Engineers are people who write questions for chatbot and help in improving their answers by reporting to developers. In some places, this job doesn’t even require a tech degree but can pay up to $375,000. AI ethics officers, chief AI officers, AI auditors, AI trainers, and machine managers are also being pursued by many companies. Many companies who are hiring staff for AI want individuals with ‘Generative AI Expertise’ and ‘Machine Learning Knowledge’ and they don’t even require a degree with tech background!

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