Google Play Announces Winners For The Best Android Apps And Games Of 2023

The year is coming to an end and before we enter 2024, Google Play just named the best Android apps and games for 2023.

The list entailed several different categories including Users’ Choice as well as the Best For Domains and while the list was locally put together, you can search for your nation by simply clicking on Play Store’s top banner.

This particular list showcased several results from the US and as far as users’ preference is concerned, it was ChatGPT who reigned supreme. In 2022, the award went to BeReal while before that, it was Paramount+ and Disney+ who bagged the top-notch position for the best streaming services out there. Similarly, we saw MONOPOLY GO get crowned as the best game due to its great popularity with users.

For the prestigious position of Best Android App of the Year, it was Imprint: Learn Visually who took up the leading position as the winner. The latter is famous for putting out bite-sized who make use of things like Visual Storytelling whose idea is to generate several different concepts into this world. Now, it’s easy to explore the realms of psychology, technology, and even health amongst so many others in the most innovative of ways.

Meanwhile, we saw tech giant Google Play label Spotify as the world’s best multi-device platform. No matter what you may be doing, you can listen to tunes as the service offers seamless listening experiences over a wide range of devices.

Now, we can control things like playback on more devices in a remote manner while installing tracks for the likes of playback when offline.

For Watches, WhatsApp was crowned as the best, and for tablets, it was Concepts, Draw, and Note who bagged the top position.

Coming to Chromebooks, it was FlipaClip: Create 2D Animation while HBO TV & Movies got the award for being the best on Google TV. If you’re riding in the car and need some entertainment, it’s Amazon Prime Video while if you just wish to have fun, it’s Bumble For Friends that should be your top pick as outlined in the list.

In terms of Personal Growth, Google Play gave Voidpet Garden: Mental Health as the leading winner, and for your everyday essentials, Artifact: Feed Your Curiosity won. For Hidden Gem, the award went to Character AI and when it comes to Family Time, Google Play gave the award to Paw Patrol Academy.

The Best App for Good was AWorld in Support of ActNow. When it comes down to the most famous games of 2023: Honkai: Star Rail won. The latter has been recognized for really providing users with the most unique form of entertainment, alongside stunning visuals and breakthrough design. The game has a unique allure and the way it puts character backstories across it, there’s a unique form of lasting entertainment that’s seen for the sake of role-playing so that newcomers can benefit.

For a Multi-Device Game, it’s OUTERPLANE that stood out, thanks to its long list of enduring characters, not to mention its unique storyline. Seeing the game work across so many devices means saying hello to setting it apart from so many types of strategy experiences across Play. It’s truly in a different league altogether and we feel that it’s stunning and super impressive at the same time.

Farlight 84 won the top award for Best Multiplayer while MONOPOLY took the lead position for a game that could be picked up and run with. Vampire Survivors got Best Indies but special mentions were given to games like Super Meat Boy and Roto Force from the same category.

For the best story, it was Honkai: Star Rail, and for the award of the Best Ongoing, Stumble Guys won big. If you can rely on one game for Good, it’s Pokemon Sleep while special mentions for Lingo Legend and Garden Joy were also made.

Google Play provided Magic Rampage a top position in terms of a leader for Play Pass while on Tablets, the best game was Honkai: Star Rail. But if you’ve got a Chromebook, then the beloved and classic Minecraft was crowned at the top of the list for best game.

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