EU Risk Researchers Can Now Submit Applications To Study Data Belonging To Elon Musk’s X

If you happen to be a risk researcher who is located in the EU, then you might want to read further as Elon Musk has granted access to such individuals to study X’s data after submitting an application.

The news comes after we saw the tech billionaire’s popular social media app silently meet the difficult legal requirements across the EU that force big tech giants to give access to researchers so they can study the firm’s data.

The risks entail the likes of disinformation, violence that’s based on gender, issues linked to child safety, and even problems like disinformation, not to mention mental health issues.

X who was formally recalled as Twitter in the past was called out under the VLOP label when the DSA was announced this year in April. The regulators handling the matter confirmed how X does actually meet eligibility and provided further rule layers that are intended to achieve accountability by putting out transparent actions on bigger apps.

Any researcher who intends on getting into the depth of topics like systemic risks would get the chance to apply which is major news as that was not possible in the past. The thought of getting access to a company like X that belongs to Musk is in itself a huge deal and to do so, all those interested need to apply through web forms found via a button on the page’s bottom.

The news was first outlined by the director of AWO who recently tweeted how there was a useful thread that would explain how to go about the entire process.

For now, it’s not quite clear if there are any researchers who were given the possibility of having access to data. But it’s not going to go unnoticed by the masses as the regulators in this region have their eyes fixated on the prize. For a while now, we’ve been seeing researchers in the region plead to get access to X and Musk has not been too helpful in that domain.

Not only did he charge them extra if they were working independently but also suspended the access to a few, threatening others with legal cases if they tried to sneak in by bypassing of rules in place.

We’ve also seen him instigating a long list of changes which really just makes it hard to determine the exact truth of X for users. Common examples include making the whole pay-to-play and getting rid of labels belonging to outlets owned or associated by the state. This led to a mountain of false information circulating all around, alongside problematic content that draws serious attention through regulators based in the EU.

The dynamics are clearly shifting in another direction altogether with this latest finding. We are seeing the effect of the Digital Services Act come into play. And that means the tech billionaire really must meet the intense requirements or be ready to get penalized.

So what do you need to apply? As per the web form, applicants would be required to give names of companies that they’re working with and if they have a not-for-profit status. Data regarding funding sources must also be given as well as proof of how they’re not aligned with commercial interests.

All the applicants must even sign how they are capable of saving data rolled out by X and even confirm which type of data they intend on getting and even give a thorough review of what their motive for seeking the data is and what their research project is all about. This would assist the firm in better understanding their background and once the administrative hurdle goes by, it’s likely to be a breeze.

The news of X granting access to other risk researchers in the EU seems to have been on the cards for a while now but it only was made possible after the popular app intended to make changes to the terms outlined in the firm’s Terms and Conditions limit.

Also, a recent update was also declared regarding how you do not need to be present in the European Union to meet such criteria for attaining access. All you need to make sure is that you intend to study the EU’s systemic risks, that’s it.

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