Black Friday 2023 Sees 7% Ecommerce Traffic Dip, Highlighting Shifts in Consumer Spending and Retail Trends

According to data published by SimilarWeb, this Black Friday, something different happened. Traffic to online stores went down by 7% from last year, which shows that people are changing their mind when it comes to what they want to buy. They're now more into traveling, looking good with beauty stuff, and still loving the big stores, especially Amazon.

You know, Black Friday isn't just a day anymore. It's like a festival, starting from Thanksgiving, all the way to Cyber Monday. They call it "Cyber 5" and some Cyber Week. And this year, just looking at the first two days, we can already see some surprising trends. People were actually buying more groceries online, up by 5%. Seems like everyone's using deals to fill up their kitchens!
When we look at the big shops, it's a mixed bag. Amazon did okay, with a small increase in people visiting the ecommerce giant. But, oh boy, the fashion shops took a hit. Macy's, Kohl's, Gap - all saw fewer people. And then there's Temu, growing a lot in visitors but still not top 15. Guess it's not just about how many people visit.

This chart shows the "top sectors in YoY Traffic change on Black Friday":

2023 Black Friday data reveals 7% decrease in online shopping, signaling evolving trends in consumer behavior.

Amazon's still the king early in the Black Friday game. They had a lot more people coming on Thanksgiving than even on Black Friday itself. But not everything sold well. Clothes and stuff? Not so much. But beauty products? Big hit. Some items were even famous on TikTok!
This graphic highlights the "top US eCommerce sites on Black Friday, in visits with Year-over-Year change":

Black Friday ecommerce analysis
And Apple, as usual, everyone loves their stuff. iPads, watches, AirPods - people just keep searching and buying them.

Now, toys and games had their own story. Even with all the talk about the Barbie movie, Barbie dolls weren't top sellers. The big hit was the Barbie Dreamhouse, at number 15. Looks like people are ready to spend more on toys that feel special.

This infographic illustrates the "top categories on Thanksgiving and Black Friday in Product views, by Year-on-Year change in visits":

Significant 7% decline in Black Friday ecommerce traffic in 2023 reflects new consumer priorities and choices.

So, what does this Black Friday tell us? We're changing what we buy. We want experiences, nice beauty stuff, but we're also loyal to the big names like Amazon and Apple. It's interesting to see how our choices are shifting and what that says about us.

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