Black Friday 2023 report shows consumers focused on gifts, essentials, with Amazon and Walmart as perceived winners

Black Friday 2023 is here, and the insights from Wunderman Thompson's report are quite interesting. As per the data, a significant 62% of U.S. shoppers are gearing up for this weekend's sales, but their main focus? They're on the lookout for upcoming Christmas presents for friends and family. This isn't surprising, of course. Black Friday has long been the launch pad for the Christmas shopping season.

However, the reasons for shopping this Black Friday extend beyond just gift-hunting. Many shoppers are also eyeing essential items, such as food and clothing. This need for essentials is almost as popular a motive as seeking gifts or hoping to find unexpected deals. It's a dual-purpose mission: While the spirit of gift-giving is evidently strong, an interesting twist is that over a third of these shoppers are also keen to treat themselves.

When it comes to identifying the winners of Black Friday, perceptions are intriguing. Some might assume that consumers are the biggest beneficiaries, but according to the survey, a mere "12% believe that consumers are the main beneficiaries of Black Friday, whilst 23% believe that Amazon benefits most, and 17% point to Walmart". This perspective suggests that while consumers hunt for bargains, these major retailers might be the true victors of holiday shopping.

2023 Black Friday trends highlight gift shopping, necessity purchases, and dominance of retail giants like Amazon

Navigating the holiday shopping season requires a smart strategy. For smart consumers (like me... cough...cough), it's essential to balance the thrill of gift-hunting with the practicality of essential purchases. Focus on creating a budget and sticking to it, prioritizing both gifts and necessities. Keep an eye out for deals but beware of impulsive buying, especially with big retailers like Amazon and Walmart, as they are filled with a sorts of sellers. Embrace comparison shopping, using online tools to ensure you're getting the best deal. Most importantly, remember that the holiday season is about joy and togetherness, not just about finding the perfect bargain.

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