Black Friday's Global Spread and the Evolution of Consumer Habits

Ah, Black Friday, you've probably heard of it, no? It's this big shopping day right after Thanksgiving in the USA. But guess what? It wasn't always as famous as it is now. Back in the 1980s, that's when people really started talking about it. And you know who came up with the name? The police! They used it to talk about all the traffic mess that happened when everyone rushed to start their Christmas shopping.

Let me tell you, since the 2000s, Black Friday has been like the king of shopping days. Stores got really clever. They started giving special discounts and opened their doors super early. It's like a big shopping party!

But here's something interesting. While Black Friday was a big thing for stores in the USA, the rise of online shopping has made it famous all over the world. People from different countries started looking for Black Friday deals online more and more every year. That is, until the pandemic showed up. In November 2020, not as many people were searching for Black Friday on Google. It dropped more than 30% from 2019. And in 2021 and 2022, it went down even more.

The Waning Popularity of Black Friday Since Its 2018 High

So, what's happening in 2023? Early data says the trend is still going down. But does this mean people are less interested in Black Friday deals? Or maybe the deals are so common now that people don't need to search for them as much? Interestingly, even though fewer people are searching, they're actually spending more online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially in the USA. Adobe Analytics says 2022 was a record-breaking year for online sales, and they think 2023 will be even bigger.

So, it looks like Black Friday still has its magic. People might not be searching for it as much, but they sure are ready to shop and grab those deals!

Building on our Black Friday story, let's not forget the wise approach to this shopping extravaganza. For buyers, it's crucial to be savvy and not get swept away in the online frenzy. Start by making a list of what you truly need versus what's just a passing fancy. Compare prices across different websites to ensure you're getting the best deal. Remember, it's not just about finding discounts but about making purchases that add real value to your life. Look out for early deals too, as many retailers start their sales in advance. And importantly, set a budget to avoid overspending. This way, you're not just partaking in the thrill of Black Friday but making smart, thoughtful choices that benefit you long after the excitement of the day has faded. Remember, the true magic of Black Friday lies in being a smart shopper, not just a shopper!

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