TikTok reigns, Temu rises, and ChatGPT debuts in October's robust app download race

Let’s shake off the digital dust and dive into the real story of October’s app download dance, where numbers twirled up in a dizzying display of digital delight.

Picture this: TikTok, that little app that could, did it again. It’s not just a stage; it’s a rocket ship to stardom for 51 million new acts, most of whom are tuning in from China, with the US playing a hefty second fiddle. It's like every phone out there caught the TikTok bug, and nobody’s looking for a cure.

Then there's Instagram, the cool kid at the party, pulling in 44 million followers like it’s no big deal, making sure every snapshot and story is seen and heard. Facebook isn’t far behind, proving old dogs have new tricks with 39 million curious cats giving it a go. And WhatsApp? Well, it’s the sturdy bridge over troubled waters, carrying 36 million messages from A to B without breaking a sweat.

Now, hold the phone—Temu is crashing the top five like it owns the place, with 30 million downloads. It’s like it just cut in line ahead of Telegram, whispering, “Watch me as I climb,” right before the holiday rush.

And can we talk about SHEIN for a sec? This app is strutting into tenth place with the confidence of a runway model, dressing up 21 million more phones in its virtual finery. That’s not just selling clothes; that’s selling confidence by the pocketful.

TikTok continued to lead the pack on the iOS platform with 20 million downloads, while Instagram topped Google Play downloads at 33 million. Notably, Temu, the newcomer in the digital market space, made an impressive showing with 17 million iOS downloads, reflecting a surge in user interest.

On Google Play Store, Facebook maintained a strong presence with 31 million downloads, albeit falling behind Instagram. TikTok mirrored its iOS success with 30 million downloads on Google Play, signaling its unwavering global appeal. Messaging apps WhatsApp and its business counterpart combined for an impressive 44 million downloads on Google Play, indicating the critical role of communication in the digital era.

But the real head-turner here? ChatGPT. It’s the new brainy kid in class who’s already got 9 million friends on iOS category. Who knew we’d all fall for the charm of a chatty AI?

In total, these app store celebrities racked up 317 million downloads in just one month. That’s a solid 6% jump from September, and trust me, in the app world, that’s no chump change. It's a clear sign that our thumbs are never resting, always searching for the next app to fall for.

So as we swap our jack-o'-lanterns for turkey dinners and gear up for November, the app scene’s already setting the stage for its next big hit. What will it be? Only the downloads will tell. Stay tuned, folks—this story’s just getting started.

Digital Download Deluge: October's App Market in Overdrive
Chart via: AppFigures

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