X Ventures into Uncharted Territory with Audio and Video Calls

Twitter, or should we say X (they've had a makeover), just dropped a new feature bomb: audio and video calls. Surprise! Nobody saw this one coming, but CEO Linda Yaccarino had dropped hints a while back, so it's not entirely out of the blue. It's all part of X's grand plan to be the "everything" app that Elon Musk dreams of.

Now, when you fire up X, you might get a friendly little message saying, "Audio and Video calls are here!" They've even included a guide on how to tinker with the settings. So, if you're all in for the call-a-thon, great. But if you're thinking, "No thanks, I'll stick to my tweets," just mosey over to your DMs and find the Settings menu, which looks like a cute little gear. From there, you can shut down the call feature.

But hold your horses, it gets better. You can also decide who's allowed to disturb your Twitter peace. It's like a VIP list for callers. You can choose to be open for calls from verified users, your buddies in your contacts, or the people you actually follow. It's almost like a velvet rope for your DMs.

Photo: Twilight / X

But here's the kicker – X doesn't have the best reputation for making everyone feel warm and fuzzy, especially for those in minority groups. So, it's no surprise that some folks are giving this feature the side-eye. Plus, not everyone even got the heads-up about this new addition; it's turned on by default. So, you might want to double-check if it's lurking on your account before someone you'd rather not talk to starts ringing.

In a nutshell, X's new calling feature is like that surprise party that you didn't exactly ask for. Some are all for it, while others are like, "Maybe I'll pass." And hey, maybe they'll reconsider this one – or maybe you'll just have to navigate through a few accidental calls from strangers. It's all part of the Twitterverse charm, right?

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