AI Keeps Changing, and its Overwhelming 7 in 10 of Marketers

AI represents the bleeding edge of the tech industry, so the rapid changes affecting this sector aren’t surprising. That said, constant shifts in AI tend to make things harder for the people using it. Most importantly, marketers are starting to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly constant updates that they need to keep up with, and the pace of AI advancement doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

According to a survey conducted by SOCi, a noted marketing platform, 70% of marketers feel overwhelmed by the state of AI. This might be due to a lack of training, since 42% of survey respondents stated that they’ve yet to receive formal education about AI. It’s essential that they get coached about how to use AI, since this can reveal best practices as well as how it applies to the marketing industry.

19% are currently being trained, and 39% said that they’ve already received training. With 4 out of 10 marketers lacking the skills needed to make the best of AI, it’s no surprise that they’re overwhelmed. A field that they’ve yet to master is already leaving previously accepted knowledge behind, and to make things worse, new tools seem to coming out every day.

44% of marketers indicated that the introduction of new tools was only making them more confused instead of helping them do their jobs. While 22% disagreed with this sentiment and 34% preferred not to take a side, a plurality of votes went to the group of marketers that don’t look at constant updates as a positive sign.

Since AI is still quite new, an influx of AI based tools and services are par for the course. Many businesses will want a slice of the pie, as would start ups whose entire business model is based on AI. In order to keep venture capital dollars coming in, these start ups work overtime to introduce newer and better tools, often before their target market has learned to use the tools they’ve already released.

Some are saying that this will take the emerging field into the “trough of disillusionment”. This is when a new piece of tech loses all of the hype it generated during its initial phase, and it usually leads to all but the strongest companies in the sector fading away. If these predictions come true, it’ll be interesting to see who manages to survive AI’s trough of disillusionment.

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