X Users Will Soon Be Allowed To Make Video Calls Without Sharing Phone Numbers With Others

X Corp is launching an exciting new feature for users that includes video calling through the popular social media platform.

The news was confirmed by the company’s CEO Linda Yaccarino today who says the task would be allowed without forcing anyone to share phone numbers through the X platform.

The company did hint toward the launch of a feature like this in July when the rebranding of X had not taken place. But seeing it actually come into play is exciting, not to mention very useful and unique as not a lot of people would have envisioned Twitter to offer such a rollout.

This new incorporation linked to video calls on the app appears to be a part of Elon Musk’s growing strategy to convert the app into something that offers everything. It’s been his vision since day one and we’re not sure if we can confirm that he’s coming closer to his goal but the efforts are definitely worth a mention.

Musk was previously seen discussing how he wants so many people to connect via posts, through subscriptions of other creators on the app, receive and send out payments, and also gain traction through videos, among so many other things.

We saw Linda Yaccarino join the Twitter, now X, bandwagon after she resigned from her leading role at NBC. At this moment in time, her role appears to be more linked to running the firm’s operations as Musk leads the way in terms of products and innovative technology.

A recently conducted interview featuring Yaccarino had her mentioning the rebranding of X and how people really should have their minds open regarding how it is creating a town square for the global market that’s going to be based on the freedom to express one’s thoughts and also where people gather as one in real-time.

The X CEO says Elon Musk has worked long and hard to bring his vision to life and so far, all things are going as planned and the app is inching closer to getting its identity known as an everything platform. And with the launch of X’s new video calling feature on offer, what could possibly be better, right?

The new rollout comes at a time when we witnessed a number of other additions being included to X such as greater support for videos that are two hours in duration and an initiative through which creators can earn more revenue. Similarly, the firm is launching a new music handle that has features that artists in the entertainment world can benefit from.

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