X All Set To Make New Users Pay For Using The App In These Two Countries

It looks like the rumor might be true after all regarding X no longer being free for all.

Thankfully, the change will be for new users and not existing ones as the company recently confirmed that those in the Philippines as well as New Zealand will now be forking out a sum of $1 per year to make use of its privileged services.

This new subscription is going to be an essential component of its Not A Bot program and it is starting to roll out in these two different nations while being hailed as a boost of its great effort delineated toward spam reduction. Similarly, the company has spoken about how it wants to get rid of manipulation and any activity having to do with bots as unveiled through a statement on Tuesday that happened to be posted across its respective Help Center.

But that’s not all. X also mentioned how anyone new on the app from both of these designated nations would be required to have their accounts verified through the likes of a phone number, the post added.

This happened to be initially reported by Elon Musk who says he was all set to charge his new users, moments before he went live for a recently held interview regarding X.

This new post by X failed to delineate why such a subscription is targeting new users who join through the web and not those using their mobile application. Similarly, Musk failed to mention why these two particular nations were being targeted.

One guess might have to do with the fact that X sees greater bot activity from such places when compared to all others. Therefore, it does make sense why it plans on targeting them.

The fact that usage is greater in these places also means it will be so much simpler to have spam and bots running out of control here than in other places. Similarly, it’s just so simple to produce fake accounts through the webpage than through the app, we feel.

The company also boldly mentioned how any new users that decide to bypass payments would only be allowed to take a limited number of actions such as ‘read-only’. Some examples related to that include viewing posts and going through videos, the company mentioned.

Another point worth pondering upon and which seems to be confusing is that this Not a Bot endeavor has some terms that speak of allowing people to subscribe from the X app on both iPhone as well as Android devices. That’s interesting because it has been mentioned in the post through the app’s Help Center how only the Web will be allowed.

We can see how this new program is a clear addition to the main subscription from X which currently stands tall and proud at $8 per month. Moreover, Elon Musk has been super clear from the start of acquiring the Twitter firm how he feels charging users is necessary to combat the ever-growing issue linked to bots.

But the fact that such a small fraction of the overall userbase is actually paying is a clear indication of how people are least bothered about the matter and feel the company can do better to fix the issue than generating more revenue through the pockets of others.

Let’s not forget how much the tech entrepreneur continues to praise the platform for doing its absolute best with usage outlined to be at a major high during this point in time.

Photo: DIW

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