Google Updates Its Maps, Search, And Assistant With The Launch Of Its New Accessibility Features

Tech giant Google is making sure users get the best of its offerings by rolling out a newly updated series of accessibility features. This would affect its Search, Maps, as well as Assistant, the company mentioned.

Google Maps is including a new screen reader that would provide support for its Search endeavor as well as its Live View offering. Moreover, the goal seems to be linked to helping those who are visually impaired with the launch of a Magnifier feature. And so far, it's ideal for those who have trouble searching for essential services like public transport, grocery stores, ATM machines, and whatnot.

They can now make use of their respective devices to read all kinds of text, no matter where they may be present.

The feature by Google that’s dubbed Search with Live View was initially rolled out in the past year. This was so users could make use of the camera that’s present inside maps and it would be designed to look for essential services like locations of cafes, hospitals, gas stations, and more, thanks to the addition of both markers as well as some interesting overlays.

For now, the feature is up for grabs in places such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, LA, London, and San Francisco but the company is looking for an expansion to the list of cities very soon.

In other news, Google mentioned how its Maps is going to give users the chance to look for locations that are dubbed to be helpful for those with disabilities across its Search and Maps. This seems to be a useful offering, especially for those who are wheelchair-bound and therefore can only access places with a respective ramp in place.

With the addition, Google will now give those businesses who support disabled patients and therefore are now giving parking features and restrooms a chance to be known. It hopes to include wheelchair icons that clearly delineate an area that has entrances without any steps.

Furthermore, we are all aware of how Android phones have a feature called Action Blocks which is designed to give simple access via a block that appears like a widget across home screens. This would ensure everyday actions are performed more with ease like making calls or customizing a room to make it feel warm in the chilly season.

Speaking on that front, Google says it hopes to provide an extension to this by producing blocks that are custom-designed and rolled out for the likes of Assitant Routines. In this manner, users can benefit from putting out a picture for shortcuts or amending the sizes for the respective commands found across home screens.

As it is, Google launched another new feature on its Chrome systems for desktops that enabled it to give out suggestions for URLs through automated means. This was great for those having typos seen in their search phrases, the company added.

Now, the firm wishes to extend the feature further so that both iPhone and Android users can benefit.

The firm mentioned how it’s rolling out several accessibility updates that are solely restricted to its Pixel devices. This should be available starting today, the company confirmed. It will include the latest magnifier application so that those who are visually impaired can better distinguish between street signs, traffic lights, and menus at cafes.

If required, the app will give them the chance to alter both contrasts as well as brightness for pictures and also customize zoom so that the text turns out to be more reader-friendly.

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