These Leading Social Media Trends Are Making It Big In 2023

It can be said without any doubt that changes in the world of social media don’t come as any kind of surprise for obvious reasons.

The landscape keeps on shifting and fails to remain stagnant for obvious reasons. Whether the change might seem subtle or very obvious, one thing is for sure. The shift continues to rise at a faster pace than what most experts may like. And slowly, this is transforming into the new norm.

Similar to how short-form content functions, the trends keep altering. For instance, we saw social media giant TikTok arrive with a bang and that’s when short videos slowly but surely were the rage.

It was a huge trend in terms of engagement and now, it’s the quickest type of content that has grown on not only TikTok but other apps too. Moreover, we’ve seen it become amplified into a bigger change than expected and that’s especially true as more and more people make use of these apps for the sake of entertainment over attaining connections.

We previously had people express great excitement over personal changes being made on social media platforms like Facebook as well as Instagram. But as time passed on, we saw the nature of these apps transform and people became worried about expressing their opinions in front of the world.

As a result, this caused a rise in the figure of users making more personal DM groups while making an attempt to use the news feeds to explore and take in more content.

These are the kinds of huge shifts that are really changing trends in today’s social media world. Therefore, to help out our viewers, we thought about noting down the top three trends for this year to help you all out. So let’s take a look!

But before we start, we need to remind our readers that these are results generated from a poll. Therefore, the updates are solely from what people think and prefer and how they compare with today’s evolving trends too.

The poll took place on LinkedIn and included around 2400 responses. And some bias was expected as always.

For starters, the leading trend is linked to the app LinkedIn where a whopping 41% were seen sharing original content that grew by 41% YoY in 2022. It similarly continued to increase this year as well with the app reporting huge records in engagement, as hinted in the quarterly reports by parent firm Microsoft.

When you take a closer glance at it, the platform is doing a great job and clearly something is moving in its direction. It's also quite helpful or beneficial from a rise in usage as more and more communities take one step back from tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s Twitter app, which is now better known as X.

The second trend had to do with how people felt about the current status of Elon Musk’s X platform. And whether you like it or not, the name change from the classic Twitter to X is not loved by many, as the poll showcased. So many advertisers continue to be wary of the whole situation.

The poll asked people what they thought about the X platform in terms of user experience. The majority revealed that so far, the experience on X either got better or remained stagnant in 2023.

So many brands continue to be reluctant to turn back toward X too, the poll adds and that’s a huge concern for Musk.

The third leading trend has to do with Instagram staying immensely popular, even if that means it taking inspiration from other arch-rivals of the social media market.

We find this point to be awfully interesting for obvious reasons. Thanks to the new poll, Instagram is the front-runner in terms of the race that has other top names competing.

We feel this is definitely related more to the audience in question as some polls still call out TikTok as the winner for obvious reasons. Let’s not forget how this poll on LinkedIn has a certain limit in terms of options to include. So that could be another reason why the figures ran more toward Instagram’s way.

Whatever the case may be, from the four options enlisted, it’s Instagram that reigns supreme as the world’s leading app. And some say all credit goes to the mighty replication efforts of the platform that many continue to criticize. But if that is what is needed to keep viewers glued to their Instagram screens, then so be it.

We saw critics explain how this sort of copying behavior is what killed the platform’s growth in the year 2017 when Instagram chose to copy Snapchat Stories and launch its own very successful venture.

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