New Study Claims 81% Of Americans Are Worried About How Their Personal Data Is Being Used By Companies

The thought of having your personal data misused is a concern that many people have and this next study conducted in the US proves it’s a worrying affair.

As per the report, 81% of Americans express worry about how firms are taking their data and potentially using it for purposes that they have no clue about.

Moreover, the majority of those taking part in this survey added how they’ve got very little to no clue about where the data being taken is used. Similarly, there is a lot of concern regarding how they have no say in the matter because there’s a huge lack of transparency in this regard.

The news comes to us thanks to the latest findings by the Pew Research Center which took the opinions of nearly 5000 American Adults and their perspectives on the matter.

The majority of the public claims they are clueless about everything going on, in terms of how information is used while 67% know nothing about where their data has landed, which is much greater than the stats obtained in the past which stood at 59%.

The general consensus was linked to the fact that not a lot of things can be done in this matter and not even steps taken by the government will be good enough. And if you’re still pondering about which companies are the ones that people are most worried about, it’s the big tech giants that include Elon Musk’s X as well as Meta.

The report proved how Americans have zero trust in both firms and zero optimism about the government stepping in and doing something about this issue in terms of putting them where they belong.

Then 77% of the Americans surveyed mentioned how they’ve got no trust in the leaders running these particular tech companies because the chances of them admitting to their errors and obtaining accountability for misusing data is close to none.

So when that’s the case and you’ve got no hope that the Government can step in and do something about it, who can you go to in terms of a solution for this major issue.

The research further adds how most people are worried about the issues linked to children’s privacy. To be more specific, 89% of those taking part in this survey added how social media apps are extracting children’s data that’s personal and shouldn’t ever be in the reach of anyone else.

Easy access to social media is to blame and a lack of safeguards and policies to ward off the behavior is another point worth pondering upon. Additionally, the concern is great regarding advertisers and gaming apps that make use of children’s data.

The majority of Americans claim parents have a major role to play in this affair and hence they’re the ones liable for ensuring their kids remain protected at all times when they happen to be online.

59% also mentioned this about top tech giants playing some kind of role while 46% still feel the government authorities must step in before it’s too late. As far as the latter is concerned, the majority want government authorities to step in and really have the right kind of privacy laws in place.

72% of the majority felt that there’s a lot more regulation that must take place for user data protection to arise while 7% shockingly felt the opposite. The figures were 78% for Democrats while 68% held true for Republicans.

Interestingly, some also felt that not enough is done on the user’s end in terms of ensuring their mobile phones are secure at all times.

Take a look at the charts below for more insights:

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