New Survey Endorses Apple’s Mac Computer As The Most Secure Option For IT Departments

Tech giant Apple is always at the front of the race when it comes to marketing its products as the best and most secure technology out there today.

The Cupertino-based giant raves about the best combo of hardware and software in the industry and trust us when we say that it’s not only talk. Apple has proven to be a leader as so many companies have chosen Mac for usage in IT departments, in comparison to other arch-rivals in the industry.

Today, a new survey promoted by Apple is shedding light on that same aspect and how 76% of IT firms keep the Mac as their top preference when compared to others in the market. The reason is linked to how strongly they feel it’s more secure than others.

Apple promoted across the new IDC report, which was seen on Enterprise, how nearly half of the companies that took part in the research opted to take Mac into the IT department. And that’s because they felt it was so much more secure.

Meanwhile, the survey also highlighted how more people plan on adopting Macs in the IT sector because of how simple it is in terms of usage and managing tasks.

Both Mac and macOS are putting out plenty of security features that keep getting praised by a long list of enterprise clients. The following features were discussed as strengths of taking on Apple’s Mac against all others.

The device management for APIs makes sure the company’s devices are controlled through the first boot. Secondly, the firm’s APIs for detecting endpoints give IT professionals a chance to ensure all products are secure and maintain the best performance of users.

Thirdly, Apple also puts out identity integrations featuring SSO frameworks that are built into the device. Moreover, it works with the help of modern IDps so that firms can very simply scale up the device and achieve connectivity to Ping and beyond.

Similarly, the Touch ID function remains local on this device so that people can trust it. But this combined with the best software/hardware in the business ensures IT firms get the best of both worlds.

The IDC survey also delineated some more reasons as to why macOS is the best option in a corporate setup. This includes offering the best control of malware thanks to the long list of security layers that are designed to ensure third-party apps run well.

Moreover, each app that’s present on Apple’s Mac App Store gets thorough evaluation and review as well as certification from the company. Moreover, most firms can even restrict app installations through other leading sources as well.

And if apps get distributed in places other than the App Store on Mac, there would be a notarization system that’s designed to stop any kind of unwarranted apps from functioning.

Meanwhile, another huge advantage that comes with macOS over other leading operating systems is how swiftly the device may launch software updates and new security changes for users of Apple macOS. And in case you’re worrying about the costs attached, well, there are no additional or hidden charges for doing so.

Additionally, all Apple services including iMessage and iCloud are protected through E2E encryption for the best kind of security and to ensure data that’s sensitive stays guarded and protected at all times.

For years, Apple has called out the security factor as one that has been its most valuable asset to date. As per this survey, most people did agree in terms of why they were choosing Mac and how a lot of it had to do with the robust security advancements in place and how smooth-running the whole ecosystem is. As a result, it greater lessens the burden.

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