Linktree Creator Report 2023: Key Findings and Insights

Popular app Linktree has just announced its latest Creator Report which includes data taken from a whopping 40 million people with emphasis on websites, new ventures, and content planning that have arisen in the past year.

While we’re all well aware of how Linktree is a popular name when it comes to the creator economy world, the new report is allocating more space for a bigger ecosystem. Moreover, this economy is very diverse, and with a staggering 200 million people competing to attain attention from the masses, it’s understandable that people feel more overwhelmed than others.

Today, the company has nearly 40% of all individuals feeling pressure because of the huge amount of options available on the web. And the approximate attention span for people today is just one-third of what it was in the year 2004.

It makes absolute sense why this firm sees itself as the leading antidote when it comes to a viewer’s experience that’s overstuffed with too much statistics and data. The service that’s up for grabs links several platforms in a particular location and this way, creators make use of this tool that unites a whopping 7.5 million webpages.

In this particular report that was rolled out by the company, data highlighted how just 25% of the 100 million links from Linktree produced at the start of last year were going to the bigger apps out there.

But seeing the company sending out reminders to users about how its functionality goes beyond apps like Instagram and YouTube is certainly a smart decision. Both these tech giants really end up uplifting their specific first-party linking mechanisms that have sprung up this year. And Linktree surely sees value in this type of cross-platform promotion.

The report says the most popular accounts attain traffic through nearly 12 different sources. And by the year 2022, restrictions for COVID were lifted and the event came back to normal. Moreover, a lot of the links were directed in the entertainment and ticketing sector, the research showed.

But this year was a little different from others, it’s all about creators getting back to their usual work. Similarly, several destinations having the greatest YoY bumps included the likes of Patreon, Substack, and even Typeform.

Meanwhile, links for merchandise platforms such as Shopify and even Spring were seen as they continued to dominate as relevant and drove up to 38 million clicks on the app in the past year.

Both TikTok and YouTube platforms are some of the most popular links out there today. And it makes sense why they’re no-brainers for Linktree’s stats which proved how there was a massive increase in the figure for creators aiming to reach a more community-focused app such as Substack.

Here is where creators have been working hard to combat the repercussions linked to an attention economy that has been oversaturated for quite some time now. But whatever the case may be, it’s destined to give rise to some authentic relationships that push it forward through such an algorithm.

The entire Creator Report by Linktree has been up for grabs through the webpage so you can attain further insights from there. Furthermore, Linktree is also shouting for users to come forward and advise every creator to take on an approach where they can be their respective algorithms.

In case users of Linktree do end up following such advice, we can see how the firm will attain more clicks by the end of next year.

Photo: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

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