One In Three Americans Make Use Of Password Managers As Per This New Report

The growing risks of cybersecurity cannot be denied and today, many Americans realize how important it has become to give attention to little details.

Most people understand that managing your passwords in a healthy way can benefit you and that does make cybersecurity experts and researchers happy because the threat is always on the rise.

A new study reports how every one in three US citizens is using password managers and the figure has grown by 21% from what was seen last year. This study was revealed by and it further proves how an estimate of 79 million users was generated.

It’s password managers from Google and Apple that come with built-in phones that really do make people’s lives easier. And the fact that they represent close to 50% of the US market speaks for itself.

Furthermore, it's trending as a tool and is more popular than any other initiative out there today.

The part that many researchers found to be unique in this study was the incorporation of security keys by physical means and affiliated passkeys that have gained a lot of attraction and are now in use by 10% of all adults in the country.

Still, close to 41% of all individuals are putting their bet on memorization to ensure they don’t forget their most important passwords because there can be nothing worse than that. Still, 25% are still using older means to save their passwords upon handwritten notes and any unencrypted digital files across devices.

But that does not mean they are still safe with just taking on the password manager approach. Today, a lot of users are jeopardizing their safety by utilizing reused passwords in other places. And as you can imagine, that is definitely not the right way to go about the situation.

Experts have long warned against such practices that they deem to be super unsafe and unhealthy. And that is what raises the chances for identity theft as well, sources mentioned.

As a whole, 60% of Americans are relying on insecure means to track important credentials and that is where the problem lies.

Just recently, we saw the country’s FBI outline how a whopping $10.2 billion figure related to cybercrime incidents arose in 2022. And previous stats were just $6.9. Hence, that’s a massive leap worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, the figure for complaints jumped to a staggering 800k and these were filed in the ICCC. And then on the FTC’s identity theft website, there was news about 1 million reports linked to people’s identity being stolen.

To ensure your identity is safe means saying hello to a very bumpy road that’s filled with all kinds of hurdles. You are trying to keep your identity safe online but that’s not always easy.

There are plenty of logins you make that are far from secure. Meanwhile, reusing passwords never helps for digital accounts that just end up being more and more vulnerable to the thought of looming hackers.

And then using password managers tends to increase the greater awareness of online threats, remote jobs, and so much more that has to do with American citizens shifting online.

Today, password managers are super advanced and practical answers to remaining safe and ensuring your online account on the web is secure at all times.

And as expected, iCloud from Apple and Google’s Password Manager leads the pack.

But the future does look brighter with bigger and better options on the rise. From biometric passkeys arriving, we’re going to see another promising endeavor in the form of quantum encryption take center stage.

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