YouTube Is Public Testing Its Latest Product For Playing Online Games Called Playables

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube has really proven to us through its recent launches how keen it was to venture into the field of music, gaming, television, podcasts, live streaming sessions, and whatnot.

Experimentations have been running high and now we’re hearing more about how the firm is also working on public testing its latest endeavor called Playables. The latter is designed to include more games in the app.

The latest offering was first highlighted by the firm at the start of 2023. And that’s when it was called out as YouTube’s experimental product to help users play online games. But not a lot of details were publicly unveiled at that moment in time. The platform was too busy carrying out experiments with its workforce to see if matters would suffice and if it could be launched as something useful and entertaining for its fans.

Gaming on YouTube sounds rather interesting but when you’ve got the demand and resources, it’s definitely worth a try. This was the thought process behind the initiative. Other details unveiled during that time spoke of Stack Bounce. This was a title that’s up for grabs and can be played via GameSnacks.

And now, the company says it’s updating its long list of experiments to include Playables too. Currently, it’s launched for just a few lucky users but this might just be the start of some more great things of the future.

If you’re lucky enough to be included in such groups, you’ll see the homepage of your app feature the Playables section and if not, a little patience will go a long way because things do look and sound interesting.

Testing began yesterday on the platform and the app says they’re working hard to carry out experiments on this front as outlined in their latest post. They also shed light on how it’s designed to play games through the app seen on the desktop as well as your smartphone. And if you’ve got your hands on it, you’ll find a section for history and saved games in your YouTube History tab.

There are not a lot of details provided on this front about the kinds of games on offer and which ones would actually be uploaded on the Playables initiative. Are we going to see more offers like the GameSnacks or interest generated by game developers on this front? How can one be involved?

Clearly, there are a lot of questions but the company really wants to do things right. And this is the reason why they’re asking those involved in the experiment to have their say and provide feedback.

For now, that’s sadly the only kind of information we have. But if you do know someone who has used the offering or if you’ve been lucky enough, do write back to us. The more insights, the better for our readers.

Remember, YouTube has really come a long way. It has started to deal with things like television, rentals, music, podcasts, and whatnot. But seeing it venture into playable games is the latest ordeal, although we know this one has been coming for a while now.

With that being delineated, we cannot forget how the fate of YouTube’s Playables initiative has a lot to do with Google’s gaming programs and what sort of scope they have in the industry today and tomorrow.

The company ended up closing its Google Stadia at the start of 2023. So now, seeing YouTube launch something even more serious could be taken either positively or negatively. But one thing is for sure. Experts are reserving their comments while a majority remain skeptical.

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