The Time Has Come For Our Lives To Be Revolutionized By AI- Powered Personal Assistants, DeepMind’s Co-Founder Claims

The term AI revolution is one that we’ve been hearing for quite some time now but how far are we really from having our lives altered by AI technology? That’s a question on many people’s minds and we can’t help but wonder what the answer is.

But thanks to some very insightful information from the co-founder of DeepMind, who handles the AI sector, that day is not too far from where we’ll be getting our own personal assistants that are powered by AI technology.

Mustafa Suleyman added during his latest interview with CNBC how it’s going to be a very unique affair in the upcoming five years. And by that time, everyone would have access to AI, due to its cheap costs and more widespread reach.

A special mention was added about AI of the future which would be so smart that it knew you, in and out. Similarly, it would understand what your personal background was all about too. So in essence, it was working for you and your betterment. That’s that for some thoughts to ponder upon?

The man clearly does know what he is talking about. After all, he’s also the author behind the book The Common Wave: Technology, Power, and the 21st Century’s Greatest Dilemmas. This covers the creation of AI and how it can really serve to make predictions about the future. In the same way, it sheds light on how things are preserved in a system that is built called Working Memory.

This kind of technology is new and unheard of but it’s definitely designed to make people’s lives better. It’s also created to better provide time management, add creativity to your routine, and just assist with inventions too. So it wouldn’t be wrong to dub it as an assistant for doing great things in research, helping you with advice, and whatnot. We all need someone like that in our lives, right?

But technology is still evolving and the role of AI is just no longer going to be limited to personal help.

From what we can see, people would have a chief of staff working for them and trying to make better decisions through which they might prosper. And this happens to be what this AI could provide.

But that means the AI assistant will be knowing some very personal things about you and your life. This would be in line with your particular interests and will assist in managing your daily affairs, giving you all the insights you need to get back on track.

For now, there is no mention of a response on this matter before the post was created. But we will surely keep you updated on any new details added on this front.

What’s interesting is how the news arises at a time when we’re trying to look for the best ways to combine AI technology into our everyday ordeal. The technology first launched last year in November and some people have ended up using the chatbot to make plans for a vacation, search for homes, and even lose those extra pounds.

Meanwhile, the rest are using AI to the best of their own benefit, career-wise. Similarly, we’re seeing different sectors make use of the technology to create codes, produce the right marketing strategy, and launch lesson plans on the front too. Some use chatbots to do their entire homework, create essays, or whatnot, without letting their boss know anything.

Clearly, the potential of AI is great and Suleyman isn’t the first to acknowledge it.

Photo: The Diary Of A CEO / YouTube

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