Google Is Rolling Out Some Exciting New Updates For Its Apps And Devices To Ensure Better Connectivity On The Go

Tech giant Google is unveiling a host of new updates on its OS and apps. The company says the goal is to ensure better connectivity while people are on the run. This includes how they can remain on top of any tasks while ensuring connectivity peaks along the way.

After all, there’s nothing worse than not being able to do some important work when you’ve got limited time and resources such as when you’re out of the office or perhaps traveling.

Google explained how its Android is always working hard to put out the latest offerings but it did not mention when users can benefit from them. And while a timeframe would have been great, it’s not happening just right now.

For starters, the platform is adding AI technology to home screens through a new widget. This is dubbed Assistant At a Glance and it does everything that you’d expect it to do.

From providing the latest weather news to giving you essential travel information, and even providing event reminders when it’s not important- the list is plenty and it’s exciting.

The new update on this front is related to the accessibility of Android and how Image-related Q&A sessions for Lookout would use AI to the best of its ability. Users can now get the latest descriptions of pictures, in case they have a vision disability.

When they open up those pictures, they may make use of typing or voice technology to add in some more follow-up queries. This gives more insights regarding the picture’s content for easier understanding. Let’s not forget to mention how the Lookout feature is also getting updated to include diversity with up to 11 different languages now being a part of the service. This entails the likes of Koreans, Chinese, and even Japanese amongst others.

Next in line, we’re seeing updates for Google Wallet. Users can now import passes through the camera’s lens and that would make it all digital featuring barcodes or QR codes. They’re added to the Wallet directly and may include the likes of library cards, memberships, libraries, and whatnot.

In case you’re wondering how it works, well, you simply will see it take images of the pass in question and have that data stored in the app. This way, it’s ready for use, whenever required.

Meanwhile, updates are still in the process for Android Auto. A lot of the credit goes to Webex and even Cisco which allows users to start conference calls via sound only. Similarly, you can see the schedule for any meetings lined up via a simple click on car displays.

Moreover, active calls through such apps are going to get managed via Android Auto and that just makes it so much simpler to mute, delete, and end the call as per the user’s need.

Last but not least, we’re hearing more about how Google is issuing updates for its Personal Routines. This would now include more personal information through apps like Fitbit and Google Fit now adding more insights about the user to better generate a suitable routine in their lives.

You can begin by including your sleeping hours and when you went to bed. This would now be included in the tab designated as Good Morning. This recaps any statistics linked to your sleeping schedule during the morning hours and any other data about your daily life or general routine.

For now, the company is yet to unveil if the features outlined are limited to its Pixel devices or if others with Android can benefit.

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