X Will Allow Users To Pin Communities To Their Timeline For Greater Interaction

Elon Musk and his leading team of executives are working hard to ensure the X Community factor does not die down and remains an integral component of the platform.

Therefore, to facilitate better interaction, the app will soon be giving users the chance to pin those communities to their respective timelines. In this manner, they would be easier to search, join, and check upon while scrolling through this platform.

Moreover, the tech giant revealed through an announcement how X is really making an effort to bring such changes to the app as soon as possible. And you can imagine it to be quite similar to how you pin lists in a feed that arises in a swipeable style.

This just makes it so much simpler to shift from one to the next and also view the newest discussions enlisted in every community out there. In the same manner, more updates spoke about how X is also searching for ways to include keywords in the Communities section too.

By the looks of it, this is going to be something useful and popular because now, you can have important topics that are super interesting take center stage. And that makes them simpler to find as well, saving users’ time.

This would certainly be super beneficial as mentioned by several communities. But so far, it’s yet to get the right kind of engagement. And until we get a major change like this, it’s going to be difficult to witness all of this altering soon.

We saw social media giant Twitter roll out its communities aspect in the year 2021. And the desire was to facilitate better connections with individuals that Tweet in a manner that’s similar to other users.

The app rolled out the endeavor by mentioning how not all conversations were for everyone out there. It was supposedly for those interested in talking about things that are a general source of intrigue.

Hence, by opting into a Community, users were given the chance to better interact and send out tweets directly to specific groups, instead of everyone on their following list. And only those that are members of the Community could generate replies and join chats. Hence, this would ensure it remains personal and very focused on the theme in discussion.

As more shifts lean toward enclosed chats, we see this new addition to be very logical. However, the open nature of X means it goes in the opposite direction to Ethos. And as one can imagine, it just runs totally opposite to what people had hoped for, making its likeability factor decrease.

But the CTO for X confirms that potential is plenty and he’s not ready to give up, just yet. Moreover, he also has the right kind of data in place in terms of engagement, Communities are truly more famous than what it may appear.

We saw the tech billionaire mention in the month of May this year how another feature for Group Chats called Circles would be removed to give rise to better features for DMs and Communities. After all, such a decision made more sense for obvious reasons. They held greater potential and were being used widely. Let’s not forget that there were greater calls for membership as Musk wished to get rid of spammers.

Now, it displays posts from all kinds of communities that have been joined so far in the For You newsfeed. This is to better user awareness across the board.

The real test will be with this new launch because it’s not yet decided if users of the X platform are even willing to engage further with this app or not through its Communities tab.

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