Google Rolls Out New Beta For Android 14 QPR1 And Here Are Some Key Changes And Upgrades

Android maker Google just rolled out the first beta for Android 14 QPR1. That included some integral changes with important upgrades like better support allocated for Pixel devices.

The leading tech giant spoke about enhanced support in the form of displaying charge cycle counts. You can see this by going to your settings option and then clicking on About Phone. Hence, through this means, more battery information is going to pop up. That entails the battery’s manufacturing date and the figure for charge cycles that this battery has witnessed.

This enables users to get an idea of their battery’s age and what other aspects it has to go through, in terms of usage. But it surely does not entail any information about the more enticing stats regarding its capacity limit and the health status of the battery.

iPhone maker Apple just included support for its latest iPhone 15 launch so that means it’s built into the iOS 17 system.

We are not seeing Apple include support of this kind by coincidence, that’s for sure. It’s designed to solve issues linked to battery fading with time. As you can imagine, that used to be the biggest complaint from users who purchased the older variant, which is the iPhone 14.

We certainly hope the search engine giant is going to work on this matter further and really help users get the most details about their battery life on Android, with time. Surely, it’s the first step in the process and certainly a great one from what we can see.

Now the question is whether such changes would pop up across Android devices or not is another debate that remains to be witnessed. But what we do know now is that Pixel devices are getting it for sure!

This is just the start we feel for some really great features lined up in the latest Android 14 QPR1 beta. And it’s definitely a solid start, as predicted by experts. Now the question remains if more changes will be just as useful or if we’re going to see something else that’s very much in line with the global trendsetter for phones, Apple.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll surely keep you updated on this front. And you can always feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for more. Also, do provide us with insights on something interesting you’ve come across recently too.

H/T: 9to5google

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