Finding Fake Climate Information On Elon Musk’s X Platform Is Easy, Environmental Groups Confirm

Environmental groups are bashing Elon Musk’s X platform in a new report that was published on Wednesday. This ranked the social media app in last position due to its lack of clarity in terms of policies to fight climate misinformation.

The news had plenty of people talking for obvious reasons. Moreover, we saw how top environmental groups are expressing their concerns on the matter as they feel the time has come for others to take accountability as this behavior is uncalled for.

The creator of the group further unveiled how the issue linked to climate change is very serious and to see Musk and his team of executives behave in this manner is baffling for obvious reasons.

The group comprises the top 50 environmental groups, advertising agencies, and other firms who are leading the pack and trying to sort out which companies are doing a great job and which need help in terms of fighting climate misinformation.

But to see Musk’s platform not have any sort of policies regarding this theme is just baffling. Therefore, they concluded that searching for fake climate misinformation is so simple on this app that it’s crazy. There was even proof of how so many accounts call climate change a major hoax. Let’s not forget the few who are referring to conspiracy theories regarding green energy projects as well.

Musk even made the mistake of unveiling that whatever happens aboveground has no kind of impact on climate change too. And that in itself raised so many queries.

Experts revealed how the stakes are very high and the fact that fake information regarding climate change continues to arise as we speak has really resulted in stalled action. Moreover, there are some limits for things like fossil fuels as well.

One coalition member felt that the time had come to take into consideration these types of growing threats before it was too late. Moreover, they were really worried about how misinformation was at an all-time high and these concerns were expressed in places like this year’s UN Summit that took place in Scotland.

Meanwhile, one open letter was sent out by this coalition and it entailed a long list of signatories including the WWF International. Moreover, such a coalition was aiming for report publication of such a condition at this year’s Climate Week held in New York City.

Right before we saw Elon Musk take the leap and purchase Twitter, he claimed that the app would bar all ads that go against scientific consensus regarding changes in the environment. But as of right now, it’s not clear where this kind of ban stands and what policies are currently working to combat climate change misinformation.

A lot of reps of the firm were reached out to attain a quick response on the situation. But a lack of response was observed on the matter.

X managed to attain just a score of 1 which is low on the 21-point scale. We saw how the app’s only highlight came from having privacy policies that are super accessible and also very readable.

As it is, X has not had the best luck in terms of getting its advertisers back. And from what we know, this is not going to make the matter better.

As far as which apps led the pack, it was Pinterest who managed to land 12 points. This happened to be the only app that had a privacy policy that could be read and accessed easily too.

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